Are you really relevant, or are you unnecessary ?

I have been thinking for quite some time now about the state of those of us who consider ourselves "Christians". The fact that we really believe we are relevant when in many (not all) cases "Christians" go to church out of duty because that is what we do. We hear the word (in some churches we get entertained and not trained) or at least we should but in many cases it takes no root and we don't grow from them. We take notes and still live like we heard nothing. As a Pastor and a speaker all over this country I get to see people in their element. But when I ask the question of when was the last time you led some to the Lord? They can't really answer. Or they say I invite people to church all the time. (I thought we were the church.)

We the church has become no more the salt of the earth than a piece of candy with any nutritional value. I am amazed that we have become so complacent in our walk we have the audacity to ask God "should I minister to them"... the unsaved. Excuse Me!!! What happened to go into all the earth... compel men to come to me? WE want to talk to those we think would be receptive to the message of Christ and not to those who we feel may reject us or who make us uncomfortable, those who may not look or act or even smell like us.

Are you relevant? Yes I know people love you and are emotionally tied to you but would the Kingdom of God say the same thing. Have you left a mark for the kingdom here on earth in such a way that when you leave this earth people know you as a soul winner or just a church goer?

If you would be honest even us as pastors and 5 fold ministry leaders know that if we did not have the pulpit many wouldn't even go out of our way and witness. We have to stop taking credit for lives that come to church buildings. People come to church building because that is where they are comfortable in believing that God is. But God is everywhere and most importantly he is in us. Are you being really productive when there is no pulpit or microphone?

WE HAVE TO STOP HIDING BEHIND "Being Saved"!! Be the church.

Unless you are in the house 24/7 you will pass by at least 2 people who need to hear and be introduced or reintroduced to Christ as there Savior. Which brings us to this are you aware that you may be doing a disservice when career Christians can't defend or be a convincer of the faith to those who don't really know him? Most Christians don't know what the word "Apologetics" are. Now please understand I like to shout like the best of them and speak in tongues ...but is that all we got. Could you comfortably talk to a Muslim and share Christ in such a way where they would be instantly converted and any other way would be unimaginable? Christ would be their choice?

Another question I have is why you bring people to church to encounter salvation when the church is there to rear, encourage and develop and disciple people. They should encounter you at the water cooler, that grocery store, the bank, the cleaners, the ball game, in the public bathrooms you share with them there about the Love of God and get them Saved. How many people will go to hell because we "Christians" did not seize every moment to share the Jesus we shout about on 2nd & 4th beat.

What will you say to God about all those people He Strategically caused you to sit next to or pass by while picking you up a carton of milk or at the bank? Do you really think he will accept your excuses?????

If we are God's mouthpieces on the earth why don't we open our mouths? No really, what will you tell God. We confess with our mouths Jesus is Lord but when it comes to evangelism or even Godly Character He is not seen consistently.

I see People in 5- FOLD Positions in church services being important while praise and worship is going on. They sit with their legs crossed or stand with their arms crossed and that "deep" "Holy/ pious " look on their face. Not with hands raised or prostrate on the floor or even an authentic praise in their mouths. I believe if you have no praise life you have no life at all. You have mastered the art of illusional holiness. Where you dip, shout, and look deep but you are shallow and you know GOD IS NOT PLEASED.

Come on Church we have to stop promising God we will do better and get a reality check that you are going to have to answer to God why YOU spent more time being churchy and shopping for tailor made suits, and St. Johns, getting your hair done, passing judgment on others, gossiping, slandering, lying, and learning the newest musical runs instead of being the church getting on our faces and REPENTING.

Get your focus!! Does God know you because you show up for the job to impact the world for his glory through your Godly character/ and witness. Or does he know you for being religious and unnecessary? Will he say (and be honest) you did nothing or little to nothing to share the Love and transforming Power of Our Lord Jesus Christ during you time here on earth. That is being a worker of iniquity. The word of God says He will say "I know you not"... That would be sad. The covers will be off and then it will be too late even with your shout, and all.

It is not to late "church" to get this right at. STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Be RELEVANT, you choose. TODAY. Monitor yourself daily.

Choose to be relevant and not religious. GO Get SOME BODY SAVED TODAY. Many have quotas on our jobs. You have to produce... The same is for the Kingdom Of God. You're behind on your quota. What will you do about it CONSISTANTLY.

Be Relevant and be true to your walk... Most of all is true to God and be who He saved you to be. The salt of the Earth, a city sat on the hill, his mouth piece, the light on the earth, a Soul winner.

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Comment by Terry Neugent on July 3, 2009 at 4:53am
Go ahead and tell the truth Pastor Tyear , if we all just manifested the same love that Jesus has our meeting places would be over flowing , because Love never fails. Great word here I emailed it to some pastors and other preachers I know. I have said that some have become so enamored with revelation of the Bible that they have forgotten all about doing the work of an evangelist. Even the apostle Paul told Timothy to do the work of an evangelist. I told a pastor friend of mine in Oklahoma about a church I attend that I wondered why there had been so little growth in an increase in congregation. It has always seemed to stay at between 12 to 25 over 15 years, where is the concern for the lost. I told this pastor that I believe that healthy things grow and growing things challenge. I am concerned that we must change more into the image of Christ. I used to think that my place and goal was the pulpit, but later I would find out that my place was to equip the saints for the work of the ministry . My goal is to press for the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ. God Bless You and all that concerns you . Thank you for your insight.

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