Preacher...Its time to be the prophet in the house..

Your calling is unique only you can fulfil it
Your message is unconventional only you can preach it
Your God is untraditional only you can reveal him
Your assignment is generational only right now can you pursue it

Then jezebel sent a message to Elijah saying so let the gods do to me, and more also, If I do not make your life as one of them by tomorrow about this time (1 Kings 19:2).

Your 'voice' must be released into your generation because you my friend yes You are God's word to your generation. Some have a word but a true apostle, a true apostle, a true evangelist, 'IS' the word from God to his or her generation. If you fail to speak out and up, God's investment is wasted and his purposes for this generation is aborted. Men who are the voice pieces into our society who are pressured into silence sell their own children to the spirit of the day and their birthright to the enemy of their souls. If you are silenced out of fear of criticism or fear or rejection then you will be ruled by controlling spirits not only in your ministry, but also ruled by controlling spirits in making decisions regarding your family, kids, relationships and destiny and that my friend is where you loose control of life.

I sat in a church the other day, less than a handful of men here, all the men that were here that had ministry have gone and now the pastor is absent and when he was present was ruled by someone who dictated what happened. he had told me that over the years, he had lost his prophetc gift ..... 'your life shall be as one of them.' .. I'm not criticial just observant. For it takes the prophetic to reflect and understand its workings. The pastor was prophetic and when the enemy shuts down the prophetic the voice of the city is silenced, and so is the church..... Speak out...

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Comment by Paul Thomas on October 10, 2009 at 4:28pm
Thank you Patricia for your comment to this blog and your insight as well. Churches have more women than men while mosques have more men than women. The answer stares us in the face. Men follow 'leadership' not a religon. Religion is what we get when Christian prophets sacrifce Godliness and integrity for approval and attention. Whereas a strong Elijah will confront Jezebel, set his house in order and rise up another leader in his place. ie attract men into leadership and the house of God, out of his ability to lead (1 Kings 19:19).

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