I remember when I first accepted the Lord into my life, it was one of the most humbling experiences I have ever had. I could not control the tears as they flowed from my eyes. I felt this sorrow for all the wrong I had done, and at the same time feeling this unspeakable joy. What was going on? At that time I knew him and yet and still I didn’t. And as I ventured to know more about Jesus, I felt something growing in my belly. It was as if everytime I opened my mouth, I was talking about Him. The things He had done for me in just a short period of time. My mind began to change about life and the things around me. I saw them in a different light. Sin was sin, and righteousness was righteousness. Even though I had no real knowledge of how to walk in this newly found freedom. God began to show me who I was, and what my destiny would be if I continued to follow him. At first it was hard for me to conceive the things God was showing me in dreams and visions. As I grew in the Lord, that’s when I realized I was pregnant with destiny. I remember all the prophesies that were spoken into my life, by my Grandmother, pastors and others. I positioned myself to be where God would have me to be, so when the time came to give birth to my destiny, I would not miscarriage. A lot of us find ourselves pregnant with the destiny of God. And often times we miscarriage because we are out of place. It’s time to go back to where you first received your call out of sin, into the righteousness of God. Hear the voice of God, be lead by it. Once you do this you will see, that you too are pregnant with God’s destiny. Then look forward to giving birth to a blessing , and become one of many voices crying in the wilderness.

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