For the last couple of years, i've been contemplating a major decision! Do i leave what is comfortable and convienent, or do i go after what i call a place of uncomfortableness. I have always knew that God has been calling me to pastor but when i would see the things my father( yes i'm a p.k. a pastor's kid)has had to endure as a pastor for over 20 years, i was like God, call some one else. i'm comfortable in doing just praise and worship and ushering people into your presence, preaching at times all over the place, serving an awesome man of God in pastor Teddy Parker, jr and you want me to go now in the area of pastoring, so i said to God, i can go on like i am without the heartaches of pastoring, plus who wants to listen to me, i got issues beyond compare. So i would just shun off the idea, but the desire to pastor would never leave. the desire to see souls saved through my ministry would burn even hotter; but to try to resist the call i engulfed my self in a comfortable job that i at times put before ministry. So, what did God do, he shuts that door. he places me in a position where Like tye tribbett says , i have no other choice but to trust him!. no job, no benefits, everything i was comfortable in is now gone, Except what i love the most, Ministry!, preaching the Word, Singing the Word. now everything i was singing and preaching to others about now i have to go thru myself! Would i stay true to the vow i made to God that i would trust him completely or would i be a person who talks a good game but can't walk it out!. i chose to trust God completely, now i know with this new transition which will take place soon, i have to stay prayed up even more, stay in his word even more, and go after him even more, educate myself more, and serve him more. So i say yes to the transition and just Trust God even more. He's proved himself to Me once before and I know he will Do it again!

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