Many sins are encompassed in this grand lie: The one of America, the pride of life. I know its quite obvious but not easily seen, but the pride of self leaves all guilty. It is pride that has captured the lives of all men, it is pride that boasts, that is dying to win. It is pride that kills relationships,the pride of my mind holds like a death grip. Pride destroys what it touches, but is subtle at best. Telling me that I'm right and as for the rest... well they're wrong, and stupid, how can they not see? Oh they do, it's called the pride in me. Pride is unforgiving, pride lives in fear; I'll lose my control, so I cannot hear. I cannot change if I'm rooted in pride, so Jesus must live and I must die. I must die to myself, my pride and my ways, it's not easy to do, though it's easy to say. Cause the test comes when you step on my foot, my pride rises up and I give you the boot. A piece of my mind, cause you've stepped on my pride, so God must cast down what I built inside. If I let Him...submit, then I will be weak, that's what pride says, but Jesus says, meek. Humble, in love, growing in grace; but pride has to die, and sin must abase The Lord esteems those who are humble in heart. But He humbles the ones who hold pride in the dark. So turn to the Christ, yes turn to the Son. The One who forgives and said, 'It is done.' The One without pride, will destroy from the root,this same God, Jesus, The Way and the Truth.

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