Thus saith the Lord,

Your Failure is not your Finale! Although you have fallen short of my glory, it is not over. I, the Lord, have known you and seen the intents of your heart. I know those who are truly mine and truly seek to please me. They are the ones who walk in the light of my righteousness. It is them (my people) with whom my heart is well pleased. When they faulter, they are quick to repent. They seek me early in order to find mercy. For this cause will I continue to be their God and show them my kindness.

However, I, the Lord, have also seen those who have become a stumbling block to my people. They have pretended to love me and honor me with their lips, but they have withdrawn themselves from me. They stay in their own way, believing that are right, and that they can earn my favor. They are religious at being evil, but I, the Lord, know them, too! My wrath shall come upon the children of disobedience, suddenly. In this season calamity shall strike and desolation shall come. In this season, when they call upon me, I will not hear them, but laugh at their folly. I, the Lord, will visit their iniquity, for they hate me. Woe unto them for their wickedness.

Even when they think they are prospering, know of a surety that they shall be CUT off. A flood is coming. A fire shall rain down. Darkness shall overtake them and a horor shall perpetually be upon them until they can not longer live. I tell you that if they still refuse to repent and obey me, then you (my people) will not be able to save them with your prayers. I have been merciful by sending multiple warnings. These people refuse to hear me and have made my word of non effect, because of their traditions. When trouble comes, know that I did give you an opportunity to repent. Know that I did send revivals. Know that I did send my servant, the prophet. Therefore, they are without excuse, for they know what I require.

My people shall be saved and they SHALL INHERIT all the spoils, saith the Lord!

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