"Prophecy Journal - A Rhema Word from the Lord"

The Lord told me that many religious leaders are going to come against me because the spirit of truth is with me...ALL GENERALS MUST BLOW THE TRUMPET IN THIS HOUR!!!

While in the spirit, this is what I also saw:

The spirit of adultery and fornication is strong in the church; and nobody wants to touch that subject. I saw these spirits like a snake wrapped around the head of the leaders and had imprisoned them and man. They are snails in holes and birds in cages...I saw spiritual leaders in a demonic army in the church: jealousy, accusers of the brethren, rejection, bitterness, unforgiveness, fault-finding, self-righteousnes. The leaders saw what was going on in their churches and did not try to stop it...The poison spread all over the congregation!!!!! Many thought that they were being led by God: but were being led by demonic forces!!! The spirit of deception is great in the churches. Christians fought against one another. The Lord must heal His bride. The candle must be lit. The oil will be poured in the vessels. The light will arise and the glory of the Lord will have risen upon His sons and daughters. The Lord will build again the old waste places. The earth shall see His glory again. THE HOUR IS AT HAND!!! THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD IS TAKING OVER THE UNIVERSE!!! THE EARTH CRIES OUT FOR THE LORD GOD!!! TREES, SEAS, AND OCEANS CRY OUT: FOR THIS IS AN EVIL TIME!!! THE WELL IN THE BELLY OF MAN HAS DRIED UP!!! HE MUST RESTORE THE WELL STREAM THAT RUNS FROM THE FOUNTAIN OF HEAVEN TO THE HEART OF MAN THAT THE ENEMY STOLE FROM THE CHILDREN OF THE MOST HIGH!!! THE LORD WILL BUILD HIS CHURCH...HE WILL HAVE HIS ARMY!!! THEY HAVE TAKEN THE TREASURES AND PRECIOUS THINGS!!!

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