There are not many who are not familiar with the "Valley of Dry Bones" also known as Jehoshaphat's Valley, and how Ezekiel was brought there to view the endless numbers of skletons and dilslocated bones, mandibles skulls, tibias, kneecaps, fibulas, melanges, toes, clavicles, femurs, hip bones,and thousands of jawbones , with and without teeth. The fact that the man of God was challenged concerning the viability,, and salvageability of the holocasut down in the valley, and the fact that hecame into agreement with the ruwach breath of life,and the bones came together, was minor in comparison to something else not many have considered. In a mass bone yard or "graveyard" such as this, where it appears the bodies were just unceremoniously "dumped, the bones were mixed and strewn all over the place. They belonged to men of different sizes, heights, and physical make-ups, so "prophesying to them" and causing the correct "patellas" or knee caps to find their owner,and the correct skull to find it's correct body,and all the great multitude of small bones, to reassemble to ,where ,or who they originated from was the greater miracle. It had to be a miracle for dead, decomposed, scattered, worm eaten, bug filled, and vulture pecked bones to know that "the leg bone 's connected to the thigh bone, th pelvic bones' connected to the spinal bones, and the spine bone's connected to the skull! Not many "undecomposed" living breathing bodies, could put a skeleton together correctly, without instruction or a miracle, but yet these "wonder" bones were able to do it! Consider the matter, and how deformed, malfunctiinal and "handicapped" that ressurected army wuld've been , if not for this unrecognized greater miracle. Even in the case of "transplants", there has to be perfect matches, measurements, ad other consideratiions, in order to give it the best chance of being successful, effective, and not rejected. Imagine dozens of "toes" and "fingers" scurrying in that valley fo find their original owner! Imagine the awesomeness of the sight of seeing hip, and feet, and shouders and arms, sliding and crawling over the mountain of other bones looking for their matches, and the body they were given to. My God, My God! I believe the "valley" had a part in the miracle, and even though it's not recorded, there's the possibility that Ezekiel prophesied to the valley as well, and said "LOOSE HERE, AND REALIGN THIS POTENTIAL "FRANKENSTEINISH" DISASTER, AND REALIGN EVERY ONE OF THESE BONES, THE WAY THAT YOU RECEIVED THEM"! SOMETIMES, ONE NEEDS TO PROPHESY TO MORE THAN THE OBVIOUS. DON'T JUST PROPHESY OVER YOUR MATE WHOM YOU KNOW IS CREEPING, PROPHESY OVER WHOMEVER HE/SHE'S CREEPING WITH, AND THE PLACE, AND THE BED THEY'RE CREEPING IN! DON'T JUST PROPHESY OVER YOUR FINANCES, BUT PROPHESY OVER THE BANK, THE PAYROLL OFFICE, THE "IRS", AND YOUR WALLET! Don't just prophesy over "little johnny's" report card, but prophesy over his mind, his teacher, the books, and his learning environment! Don't just prophesy over the comraderie of the leaders within your leadership, but prophesy over their assignments, their cohesion or lack of, their goals and the space they share to carry out their assignments. Why stop at prophesying over your child's disobediencce and involvement in gangs or drug activities, prophesy over whomever is seducing and misleading them, the upper rank gang leaders and drug dealers, anld the drug cartels. Prophesy over the very corners they hang out on, and the fields that grow the "poppy" and the sessimil that they inhale, and that gets them "high"!. Why stop at prophesying over your body's infirmity? You haven't been successful just peophesying oveer the barresness of your womb, so try prophesying over every mobile sperm, and every ovulated egg. Prophesy over their union, and prophesy that life will spring forth, immdiately,when the two collide! You better prophesy over the cells that are malfunctioning and mutating, the treatments or medication you receive, and the machines that are a part of your medical care. Prophesy over the doctors, specialists, and the beds you have to lie in! You want that better home? PROPHESY OVER EVERY BRICK, EVERY OUNCE OF MORTAR AND EVERY BLADE OF GRASS! Dont just prophesy over your dead things, but prophesy over what killed them!

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