A Prophetic Word To

The Church "2011"

" Just this past Christmas, me and the family were on our way home and God spoke clearly to my spirit "Refuse to Lose".  I told my wife about it and immediately she began to bare witness.

  In the Body of Christ we almost always magnify the negative instead of God and His goodness.  Of course, we don't mean to magnify negativity. This is why we must continue to renew our minds according to the Word of God.  Realizing that thoughts that are negative, unproductive and that conflict with what God has said about you must be stomped out.

  We are living epistles read of men.  Which means we are practicing this chistian lifestyle and working out the processes of life to become a mature man or woman of God.  Hebrews 6:12 lets us know that through faith and patience you inherit the promises of God.  James 2:17 says Faith is dead if it hath not works.  When you began to understand the word of God.  Put God Directed Actions with the word.  And you will refuse to lose and begin to win."

In Christ * Pastor Romero

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