Revieve The Promise.....Dead Promise Rise and Come Fourth!!

The Spirit of the Lord has given me a word for those who a becoming weary...those who are holding on to a promise that looks dead, and hopeless. I am speaking to the woman who has been mindful of the things of God...the woman who has labored with out complaint for the Kingdom..the woman who has put her hands to the plow and not looked back....She like the Shunimite woman spoken about in 2 Kings chapter 4....was given a promise of a birth (a seed planted in your belly) and at the appointed time that birth did this woman had a son and sometime later he fell in the field and injured his the father did bring the boy to his mother (this woman who had done all she could to live Holy and Upbuild God's kingdom) and the boy lay in her lap and died. Now this woman looked beyond her situation and the present state of her promise. She took a man servant and mounted her donkey and went to seek out Elisha (the giver of the promise) I am told in the word that as she approached Elisha he saw her from afar and sent his servant to aquire as to the health of her and her family.....Now i like what she said ....she said "All is well with my soul) Hey, hey she left her son dead on the bed of Elisha but all was well with her soul! I can hear her spirit speaking to the enemy saying "You think you got me, you think i am gonna fall out for dead and bury what God said is mine but i know that it aint over till God says its over and My God Aint Spoke Yet." I read on to see that Elisha went back with the woman and went up and laid upon that child (dead promise) and stretched out upon him and put his mouth to his mouth, and his hands to his hands and breathed into the boy....Elisha arose and walked down stairs and prayed, paced and went back up and repeated that which he had done before....this time the boy sneezed seven times (the number of completion) and did live again and Elisha called to the woman come and get your son (your promise) and go. See this woman could have accepted her situation but instead she went to the giver of the promise and retrieved her promise....some of you are sitting with dead ministries in your laps...dead marriages...dead relationships...dead finances...dead health...dead states of mind and dead hope but if you look beyond what your eyes may see and look to the hills from which cometh your help and understand that your help cometh from the Lord.....if you dont get weary in your well doing....if you run and not faint...if you hold on just a little while due season you will reap if you faint not and God will move on your behalf.....he will call that dead thing (whatever it is) and it shall live again. See God is not a man that he should lie nor the son of man that he shall repent...His word will not return unto him void but it will do that which it was sent out to do. His word is yea and amen through Christ if God spoke it the devil cant revoke it. Stand and go seek out the giver of the promise and provoke God's hand to move on your behalf...and you can provoke his hand with faith.I MEAN CRAZY FAITH...That come down through the roof faith...that touch the hem of his garment faith...that climb up in a tree faith...I pray someone has been encouraged as I was by this word. Please pray my strenght in the Lord.

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