Sailing Through Life on Flowery Beds of Ease?

Sailing Through Life on Flowery Beds of Ease! So often when we look at the state and fate of others it seems that they have this thing called life down to a science! Every thing that they throw against the wall seems to stick ever so snugly! Is this thing that we call life fair at all? Does anyone see what I am going through? Does anyone see my pain? Where in the world is God while I am going through the trial of my life? Can I bear this pain and keep my sanity? Can I keep my mind, when I am ready to scream right now? Do I have a target on my back? Does trouble have all of my numbers for wherever I am? Folks I think that we all have asked these questions in a moment of duress or pain! Life's navigation's are not for the faint- hearted at all! Can we all come up for air for a second? No one sails through life on flowery beds of ease! If you were allowed to follow those home that you admire so greatly and covet their lot in life, you will find out that they go through to! Yes we all go through, but folks there is a name that you can call on when Adversity has you firmly in its grip! My faith in God has helped me survive some of the greatest storms that one has ever seen! Did the pain hurt any less while I was going through? Of Course Not, but my faith in God allowed me to continue to fight on! Your circumstances shouldn't determine your lot in life! Hard times come to us all, that is a part of what we call life, but the goodness and grace of God's can protect you from many of the after effects of life's disappointing moments!

Your trip through life might not be on flowery beds of ease, but you are here when so many have gone on! You are an overcomer, for a weaker person would have already given up if they had gone through what you have! You won't sail through life on flowery beds of ease, but I can truly submit to you that our God will make the rough places in your life bearable! I salute you in your journey through life thus far, But I see better days ahead for you! I am cheering for you and I am letting the whole world know that you have undercover greatness in you! Your trips in life will come to the day where all of the chips will come into place! Your Good Days Will Outnumber Your Bad Days, And You Won't Find Time to Complain! You Can Make It! You Will Make It! You Will Come Out! God Will Bring You Out!

Your Brother In the Struggle,
Pastor Stephen F. Smith

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