Satan is guiding our children. What are you going to do about it?

Satan is guiding our children. What are you going to do about it?

Satan has been mentoring your children and grandchildren. He knows that he can shape their lives if he starts early. He is playing with them. Setting them up for the pits of Hell so that he can torment them there. He makes sure that they are bombarded by Rap music with lots of profanity and negative role models for them to copy. The children play lots of violent video games to train them to be used to violence. Satan keeps their attention on the vain things, the violent and sexual action that occurs regularly at timed intervals. Satan spends time with the children while we are out to lunch. Satan teachs the children about drugs and sex. Satan teachs them that they are worthless. He loves to teach them to call themselves negative names like nigger. He teaches the boys at an early age that women are sex objects and bitches, a term that is used for dogs. He knows that if your children were taught at an early age to love God and seek God's presence that is the way they would go. He knows that if your children had good role models they would long to be good.

Our children need our intervention. The same way that your ancestors intervened and prayed for you. Your mothers and grandmothers suffered and endured great hardship so that you could have a better life. Many of your mothers and grandmothers were beaten but they did everything they could to keep the family together and to make sure that their children were raised in a Godly way. What are we doing? Many of us are off pursuing our own pleasures and trying to gain material things. The pleasures of this world are only momentary and we cannot take the material things with you.The ony thing that we can take with us are our children and other people. Do we have enough love to sacrifice so that our children can live Godly lives and walk the narrow path that leads to eternal life. Jesus said the world and its desires are passing away but the will of God remains forever.

If our ancestors could see how we allowed our children to be sacrificed to the fire of Moloch, the ancestors would cry and groan. They would scream to see that their own good sacrifices lead to such selfishness and forgetfulness. It is no wonder that many of our children live the way they do. Some do not even get to breathe their first breath they are sacrificed in a solution that burns them in their mothers womb and tears them apart. Who will stand up to Satan's murderous schemes and say enough is enough? Who will intervene? Who will do something anything?

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