Scamming Cheating Telling lLies Preachers

Scammer, cheater, and swindler

K C Yarborough

A shame how so called men and of God cheat and scam others out of money because they do not want to work.

It is one thing to take up three or four offering, the congregation can give or not give. But a preacher who comes in the name of God and share his or her hardship stories when it is a lie.Number one it shows a dirty heart of the so called preacher. Women and men with children to feed and provide for, some have other family obligations and times are tough. Plus check this out, the so called preacher is on probation right now for scamming and writing bad checks. He treated the dog better than his ex-wife. Divorced her one day and married the next day. What is sad he does not care who he cheat out of money.


He used stories like, I wouldn't call you but I don't know what else to go. (get a job) I have until tomorrow to pay the house note. Knowing people with big hearts will ask how much is the payment. He or she says I am short $450.00 like this is 450 million so you can feel sorry for him or her. Another story used is the prayer and Bible study conference room needs to be paid and I am waiting for my money to come. I just don't have the money right now. A good person with a big heart ask how much is it, he or she says 550.00.Guess what the room is free.

A stop needs to be put to this, people wake up know who and where your hard earned money is going when it comes to the church and the so called man or woman of God.


God is not sleep, but watch as well as pray.

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Comment by Barbara Mack on August 5, 2012 at 2:55pm

Amen. Have no shame or respect for God. Want work on a pie train looking to trick the people out of their money.

Comment by Evangelist Theresa Scott on August 3, 2012 at 8:36pm

GOD shonuff doesn't slumber nor sleep. 

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