Seeking Investors for Film Project - "Forget Me Not"

Genre: Faith Base / Drama

“Forget Me Not” an inspirational family drama that centers on a mega-church minister KEDAR JAMES, battling the media and the IRS to save his church and family. During the whirlwind of controversy, Kedar’s ex-wife KATRINA returns after years of exile to confront her past demons.

A new feature-length movie that explores just how explosive it can be when your past becomes your present. A story of humility before honor. Kedar James, a 60 year old man guards the truth about his past when he’s asked to give a speech about his humble beginnings into the ministry for the Gospel Awards. A past that would destroy his carefully constructed image. He has preached for over 25 years, but never has he preached about his own life. Some failures are hidden and rarely revealed. His biggest sin was in letting his marriage to his first wife deteriorate so irrevocably that it not only hurt him, but behind closed doors it secretly bruised the lives of his three sons. Damaged by the father’s sins, the sons each have a different story to tell and are in need of some good old fashion spiritual healing. With so many deep repressed feelings and dark hidden secrets the story climaxes into a-tell-for-all of revelations that will change all their lives forever once the truth is known.

NOTE: If we raise 25% ($1,750,187.75) of the budget, we have an Venture Capitalist who will cover 75% of the budget.
The 25% must be in Escrow before dealing with the VC.

Budget: $7,000,751.59

Performers Budget: $2,647,873.40

Marketing Budget: $250,000

Originator: Nicole Johnson

Writers: Nicole Johnson, Michele Turner, Martin Kelley, Bennie Swint & Eddie Singleton

Director & Producer: Darryl Lassiter, Website: , Tel: 770-827-2468

Casting Director: Angel Terron, Website: , Tel: 904-651-6313

Marketing Director: Tirrell Whittley, Website:

Producer: Nicole Johnson, Website: , Tel: 770-235-8626

Co-Producer: Bennie Swint

Associate Producers: Eddie Singleton & Martin Kelley

Editor: Dave Ballard, Website:, Tel: 404-876-4601

Production Company: NJ Entertainment, LLC, Website: , Tel: 770-235-8626

Lead Cast Firmly Interested: Jamie Foxx - (Jamie's management company will speak directly to investor to confirm his interest in the project.)

Supporting Cast Firmly Interested: Robin Givens, Vivica Fox, Richard T. Jones, Lamman Rucker, Paula Patton and Sharon Leal (Need to raise 50% of the budget before signing actors)

Soundtrack / Gospel Artist Attached: Byron Cage, Dave Hollister, Donovan Owens, June Rochelle, Kelly Price, Chante' & Kenny Lattimore, LaShun Pace and Tonex (Seeking to add the Clark Sisters and J. Moss)

Soundtrack Distribution in Place: Yes, Central South Distribution Co. We obtained LOI for CD Distribution / U.S. Market and Canada. Website: , Tel: 800-251-3052

Musical Director of the Soundtrack: Tonex – AKA: Anthony Williams

Financing Structure/Financing Secured: Seeking Partners

Shooting Locations: Several locations in Atlanta, GA and Riverwood Studio
Website: , Tel: 770-599-4000

Start of Pre-Production: TBA

Start of Production: TBA

Start of Post: TBA

Bond Company in Place: Yes / Film Finance Inc.
Website: , Tel: 310-275-7323

Recoupment Scenario: Return on Investment (ROI)
After payment of all distribution fees, the Investors shall receive 115% of their capital contribution prior to any distribution of revenue to the Producers. Thereafter, the Investors and Producers spilt a 50/50 equity share of distribution fees following the repayment of any third party expenses. Individual investors will each receive a percentage of the Members' equity position in proportion to their percentage of the total investment. After income to the LLC surpasses $8,000,000, the equity split reapportions to the ratio of 60% to the Producers and 40% to the Members. If income surpasses $9,000,000, the equity split becomes 70% to the Producers and 30% to the Members.

A typical amount of time for investors to start seeing returns on an independent film picked-up for theatrical distribution is approximately 7 months to 1 year following the start of production. Additional revenue may flow into the company for several more years depending upon the public success of the film and the number of different types of distribution secured. NJE expects to have Forget Me Not completed and available for sale by winter 2009. It may become possible that third parties such as actors or crew may be offered points of the Producers’ equity share or deferred payment, if such negotiations are necessitated in order to leverage successful completion of the film for distribution. Deferred salary repayment and profit participation may occur before or after the Members receive their share of the distribution fees, depending upon the agreement. Investors will receive credit for their participation in the film, copies of the finished film on videotape, and VIP invitations to all public non-commercial screenings including the premiere. Investors of $7,000,000 or more will receive Executive Producer credit at the beginning of the motion picture and in all publicity materials relating to the film.

Financial pool and Producers/Talent split: Nicole Johnson, Darryl Lassiter, Bennie Swint, Eddie Singleton, Martin Kelley, Terrell Whittley, Tonex, Jamie Foxx and Central South Distribution Co.

As part of our goal to make our production-friendly, we offer investors strong incentives that make investing in Forget Me Not a smart choice.

The 2008 Entertainment Industry Investment Act reinforces and strengthens Georgia’s position within the entertainment industry. The new, more competitive incentives replace those currently in use by offering a 20% tax credit for qualified productions, which are then eligible for an additional 10% tax credit if they include an animated Georgia promotional logo within the finished product.

The incentives apply not only to qualified films, TV series, commercials and music videos, but also to video game productions. The economic impact of all these entertainment segments in Georgia was $413 million in 2007.

To learn more about these incentives and how the Georgia Film, Music & Digital Entertainment, please contact:

Office of Communications, 404-651-7774
Stefanie Paupeck, GDEcD, 404-962-4075

Please contact me (Nicole Johnson), if you have an interest in partnering at 770-235-8626.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

P.S. Don't be scared! This movie will be highly successful!

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