Seeking the best kind of walk with G-d...This may help your journey to the ShekinahLife

This may help your journey seeking the Best kind of walk with the ShekinahLife
Enjoy your journey

Some relevant links of interest for the student among us:

I suggest sitting at the feet of the Sages of Israel for good ,solid teaching.

Sure you like your favorite preacher..but Historically and culturally the real meat of teaching comes from those who wrote the Book and lived out the experiences of the times in Biblical history.

Those same tenants exist today,...A direct command from Our Creator YHVH, the sages uphold and really you are to uphold and recognized with Intimate obedience.

Sadly,that is Not so in the christian/roman teaching.
~Therefore I suggest fill in the cracks a little and let in the teachings of Israel.
Why? Because the Sages and Hasidim of Israel wrote the Bible WITH Understanding and clarity of facts( Historically( & Culturally)
Also all through out history Sages and Rabbis have Laid their lives down for the protection of Israel and the TORAH INSTRUCTIONS,...( Five books of Moshie) plain and simple.
FYI these links to Academies and various teachings I have found helpful.

May Ha'Shem (simply means = The Name) bless your study~and lead you to the higher ShekinahLife-style

Shalom Aleichem from James & Terry @ ShekinahLife

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