Sensuality...............Pertaining to, consisting in, or affecting, the sense, or bodily organs of perception; relating to, or concerning, the body, in distinction from the spirit: Hence, not spiritual or intellectual; carnal; fleshly; pertaining to, or consisting in, the gratification of the senses, or the indulgence of appetites. Devoted to the pleasures of sense and appetite; luxurious; voluptuous;

When I hear the conversation about sensuality, it often quickly moves to sexuality. The conversation immediately turns to a focus on exotic fruit, flowers, whipped cream, satin sheets, lingerie, candles, wine, incense, oils and well, you know...............and mark my word, these are wonderful and are elements that can be used to take a person to another dimension of ecstasy, however they are not sensuality at its finest. When was the last time that you had the kind of sensuous experience that compelled you to create the moment and savor the person you love? When was the last time you made love with your clothes on and yet sought to reach the most intimate parts of your beloved? Ah~ there are some things to be learned about sensuality that we all need to take the time to experience. Once again, I profess a co-explorer with you and not an expert. Imagine with me an evening as I will describe and let me know if this can take us to a deeper and more fulfilling sense of sensuality.

Walk to the door and look for your beloved. Invite them to your space, look that person in the eyes, and share your eyes with them. Invite your beloved to see the depth of you and let your love and depth of soul be observed by them. Speak "I love you" with your eyes and let them see how sensitive you are for them there. Do not touch physically yet because you also need to look into your beloved's eyes and ask he/she to open up to you. Ask them not to clear the cluttered places nor be ashamed of the imperfections but to walk with you and show the totality of their being. Ask them to draw back the curtains and let up the shades because you just want to see them today. Look at the beautiful eyelashes that case the pupils and the color that brightens the face. Permit yourself to become a photographer of the beauty of your lover's inner self by looking deep. Shhh~just look and celebrate. Stand before you beloved until the intensity becomes so magnetic that a move has to be made and then..............

Draw near to your beloved. Take the time to touch the fingers that make up the hand that you will hold. Do not lose your focus. Let your hand flow gently over her skin in such a sensitive manner that you can feel even the finest hair that may be upon it. Feel the texture of the skin and the flow of the blood that is warmed by your very touch. Embrace the structure of your beloved and take that has and place it in a place that you can guide it to lock into the arms of your love. Do not lose you focus. Feel the strength. Feel the breath of your beloved upon you and count the beats of the heart that beats against you, feel the flow and draw so close that you could be no closer unless you entered each other. Feel the sensitivity of the hand you hold and the arms that embrace you. Take another glance at you beloved and then....

Close your talking yet. Lose yourself for a moment. Meditate while you marinate in your beloved one's presence. Take a deep look and lock into each other. Close your eyes and breathe the scent of your lover. Take a deep breath. Find the scent first and then the fragrance. Oh~I know that your beloved may have a favorite perfume or cologne but there is a scent that is foundational that is distinctly theirs. Take it in. You will find it in their clothes, on the sheets and the pillow that you sleep on. Allow your embrace to become so warm and intimate that the scent moves them to you. Permit the soft mist of perspiration to saturate in you and then carry that scent with you for the rest of the night. Permit yourself to be marked by choice and then....

Open your eyes and look again. You are so privileged to be with the one you are. Everything that you can imagine is available in the one you hold. Moisten you lips. Draw back just enough to insure that you are positioned to taste nectar from the finest source you know. Shhh~no talking yet. Let your lips approach you beloved and gently touch them. Taste the sweetness, the passion and the warmth. Celebrate the softness and experience the message that is written upon yours by your lover. There is no rush because you must leave an impression that must last for a while. As a foot leaves an impression in the snow and a head on a soft you must make sure that your beloved has your imprint. Do not rush. Breathe. Take your beloved in while you kiss. Draw closer until your beloved feels as one in you and close your eyes with the beauty of that one person filling every empty optical space you have. Do it again.and again...and again. Do not let your hands wander...yet.

Gently leave the lips for a moment and place your head on your beloved one's shoulder. Draw close to the ear...shhh~ no talking yet. Nibble gently upon it and let your breath blow gently upon the nibbled places. Let your kiss fall upon the lobes while you think upon the words that you will speak into the one whom you hold. Think of the beauty of the personhood you have encountered and the scent of that person. Reflect on the fulfilling flavor of their mouth and the delicacies that are only available to you here. Think of the touch that you have experienced and what it would be like if you could put into words what you are feeling. Now is not the time to be concise. Tell your beloved. Write your own ballad and let it flow from your soul. Seek to overwhelm and touch your beloved in ways that hands cannot reach. Are you ready? SPEAK! You may break your silence. Reach deep with your expressions and seek to touch and move. This is your lover...your baby, your darling, your Boo :). Pray together and then take the time to thank you beloved for the gift of self. Kiss the eyelids that hold the eyes that reveal your lover. Re-situate the embrace that holds the most special person that God ever created just for you and breathe one more breath. Receive the love sustaining scent of your beloved. Taste again ad increase your appetite for your beloved ones kiss and expressions of passion. It is is a non-caloric experience.


Find a seat and hold each other. Celebrate each other. Create an atmosphere that harmonizes with your feelings and remain there. The moment may be intense. It may be compelling but Shhh~tonight the soul speaks. We learn to touch, to share, to savor, to reach and reach out to...we ask questions, we laugh. We explain and embrace. We come together~we thank God for love and lay down with our clothes on as the night comes to an end. Whew~and what a night it was! True sensuality for a night...........with all of that I suppose.........................................
anything could happen first thing in the morning :).

Well~thanks for allowing me to think aloud. Who knows...? Maybe we can live some of these things. Shhh~it is just between you and me. Not everyone knows what we are thinking.

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