The founders of America entered into a covenant to create a government that would allow people to practice religion and worship God as they see fit. The Church establishes an order for its practitioners to live by. The state makes laws for it citizens to live by. The Church attempts to reach a person’s heart. The state seeks to dictate a person’s conduct.
The first separation of the church & the state is in the mind of the beholder. God said the wages of sin is death. The state says violation of the law is punishment. The state becomes more powerful in the eyes of man than God when the vision is dominated by the flesh.
The state is in charge of the flesh. The church is in charge of the spirit. When the two mix the power of each is strengthened or weakened in the mind of the beholder. The strength of state is dictated by the cares of the flesh because the state has no power over the spirit.
There are those who are not sure which one should be dominant in their lives. They say, “render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and render unto God what is God’s”. This justifies their allegiance to the state and diminishes their connection to God. Where a man’s heart is there lays his treasure. If the things of this world are more important than the things of God to that person the state of mind is more powerful than God.
If you have to stop to ask yourself where you stand doubt already has room to creep in. The relationship between God & man is tarnished at this point. The great debate rages on in the mind and so attaining the fullness of the Holy Spirit is impossible. We cannot manifest the glory of God in our lives without having a vision of its fullness. Jesus said give up all that you have and follow me.
Give up that mental hold that you have on possessions, people, places and things that are of no worth to God. Don’t take this to mean throw away these things. It means place them rightly in your lives and use them to glorify God, not simply be creature comforts to your flesh.
Your religion & your state of mind can be One God, and One purpose: To follow the great command of Jesus Christ in going forth to make disciples all over the world. If you would like to see God’s glory manifested in your life, practice what God has directed you to do. Our perception of the word has been weakened by our attempt to separate our church from our state of mind. When we are one with God, God is one with us. To those with understanding, understand…in Jesus’ name, Amen

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