Setting the record straight..On disparity of arrest.

Hello mighty people of God,

I want to set the record right.

Some times people are paid to say things that are not true against the person of God!...I"m against the disparity of arrest, I know that Legalizing drugs will not stop cops (black or white)from coming into our community and arresting our black males..Blacks are arrested for Crack more than any other race in this world..should we legalize crack also? Then what will be next? This is about our youth and next generations.we must brake the cycle of addiction,This is all out spiritual warfare.We know satan will do what ever he can to destroy our nation and our next generation.

I'm tired of talking about what we are going to do,If there is any one ready to really make a change please call me 916-807-1210

We that are black know why we have so much crime,death,in our community..Drugs is the hub of which satan is destroying our families,and our chance to advance in this do you educate a intoxicated mind?

look at this..52% of black oppose legalizing pot 40% are for it..62% of latinos oppose..37%for..63% Asian oppose..37 for, 48% white males are for legalizing weed 34%oppose.

The colour people do not want drugs in there community.

The (DPA) drug policy alliance,want to see all drugs legal across this world,

Don't be fooled child of God

That's not of God,We all agree that we need to fix the arrest of the black man..but, putting more dope in the hood and advocating to let us stay high is not the way.. It just will not work, we need jobs,education,strong families,not dope, No one is arrested in Ca for 28grams or less that's one ounce...

Then why are our blacks going to prision..not for simply having a joint.

Let's get to the real problem.

It's true I'm not religious,well...I religious eat,bath,work..But when it comes to God i have a real realtionship with him, I love God with all my heart,soul and body, I don't mind the profit makers.. DPA lieing on me, they lied on Jesus. If God be for me why should i care who will come against me...why should i give them a though?

Greater is he in me than the Scotty Reid,DPA,LEAP,drug pushers and dealers of this world.

Let's save this generation from the great move of satan. Drugs are a sin no matter what a person my think. yes, smoking pot is a sin it alters the mind... and if it was legal it still would be a sin to God. The body belongs to holy spirit, you are bougth with a price ..the blood of Jesus!!

Bishop,Dr.Ron Allen

CEO and President

International Faith Based Coalition

A Drug Prevention Coalition.

Drugs and Drud Addiction have no Religious Preference

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