An "opened Bible" will allow you to step into the mind of God. Likewise, an "opened mouth" allows you to hear what's on the mind of a person. The difference between the "opened Bible", and the "opened mouth" is that one of them has the possiblity of giving a false statement concerning you. Obviously, the Bible will never lie about you because it is authored by a God whom cannot lie. He sees you and knows your future; hence he has spoken a word over you that will define your life to come, if you let it. However, on the other hand the "opened mouth" can only dictate what that person is seeing concerning you in your present state. When people look at you and they speak their mind concerning you, what is it that they see? Let me answer that for you, WHATEVER YOU ARE SHOWING THEM!. You may say, "Pastor D, what is your point?" Well, you may have some idea of what God says about you, but living a life that is totally contrary to what He has said. Indeed, this automatically charges the "opened mouth" of a person to have an opinion. It maybe all facts on what the opened mouth has said about you, but the truth is that God has said something about you that disqualifies the opinion of the "opened mouth". Facts cannot be denied, but truth cannot be disproven. You may have messed up, and folks know all your business. In fact, they may have published it and made money off of it. But the truth still remains that God had an idea on His mind when creating you. I encourage and admonish you, do not clothe yourself with what the "opened mouth" says about you, but rather with what the "opened Bible" says. When you live according to the opened Bible, you send a super-charge to shut the "opened mouth"!

God Bless,

D. James Thomas

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