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How appropriate that this blog series 
begins on Pentecostal Sunday!

I remember when I first received the Precious GIFT of the Holy Ghost with
 the EVIDENCE of SPEAKING in TONGUES at the ripe old age of 11!
 It was on PENTECOST SUNDAY at Deliverance Evangelistic Center
 (The Tabernacle) 785 Dekalb Avenue. What a day! 
Pentecost Sunday will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart! 
 This is where I learned what REAL Power in God was about.
 Where I sat under REAL Apostles and Prophets/Prophetess' who walked
 in the power and authority (that God so graciously allowed) who imparted 
that to me and many other "Deliverance babies".

Where there were REAL Signs Wonders and Miracles took place.  Where people REALLY got healed,

 delivered and set free! Where the preaching of the Gospel was never
 watered down to appease a crowd. Where the Prophets did not "spin" 
prophecy to keep the people coming back. Where Thus Sayeth The Lord 
Where it was Pentecost power EVERY TIME the Doors of the Church was open.
Not emotionalism, stunts or gimmicks but the REAL Power of God in action.

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Take care and God Bless - 

Apostle Mary Thomas
Dunamis International Ministries - Atlanta GA

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