There are some things you are looking for, and the answer is going to be found when you get on your knees. For many, the only way you really walk in your place of true promise, is to walk there on your knees. For what you are desiring, you are going to have to change your stance in order to get the answer. .The way you were doing it will not work. Your desire is great, so your heart's cry must be great. God says, "Time out for cheap grace, this one is going to cost you something". What are you willing to pay, for the blessing of the Lord? What are you willing to pay, for God to answer your cry?

In the bible we have the story of a woman named Hannah. Hannah wanted to have a son, but she was barren. So when it came time for her family to go to the temple, here Hannah is, coming in the house of God, crying and weeping for the move of God. The bible said she was praying and crying so wildly that Eli asks her if she is drunk. I guess in a way she was. She was drunk with the power of determined purpose. Determined to touch God at all cost. Determined to see the result of her prayers and not let God go until he blessed her. Have you ever been to the point that you asked God, "Give me a Word lest I die! Speak to me, or I will not live. I can't live on the outside of your heart any longer." I truly believe that when the church begins to cry like that, then we are going to see a move of God, that the earth will not be able to contain.

If we don't watch it, we will live our entire lives without experiencing a genuine move of God in our midst. And instead of going into our promise land, God is going to have to judge us, and kill us in the wilderness, and the promise will be left for the next generation. Left for them, because we never dropped the weight and the sin, that so easily beset us, and their hearts remained young and tender. God wants to speak, but He's waiting to speak to a tender heart.

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Comment by Pastor Kevin & Lady Linda Kemper on August 7, 2009 at 3:03pm
Praise the Lord Pastor, that was an owesome word posted on your page.I have been in prayer concerning the next move of God in my life. please keep my wife & I in your prayers. I am currently pastoring a church in a small rual town, I am just seeking a word from the Lord.

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