It never ceases to amaze me how the spirit of God is so powerful that in an instant, you can be overwhelmed by this presence. A being that is does not force itself but in a moment of willingness and truth, a moment when our carnal shields are let down, a feeling of peace, joy, love, and then some feelings that are not even describable, suddenly take over. For no reason, a worship flows, a tear falls, a travail begins, tongues are rendered and you are in a moment of non-control of your emotions, movements or sometimes surroundings.

There is nothing like being in the presence of God. To know that at that precise time it is just "you and God", you and God and the power of the anointing. I know that many ponder with this thought and I just wonder have you had a real experience with His power. When we open ourselves up to God, when we forget about our issues, our concerns, our hurts, pains, our enemies, circumstances, and all the worldly things, He can and will blow your mind. It does not matter what it looks like or feels like, He offers something greater and in the midst He answers prayers, questions, removes doubts and just makes no sense of common sense.

I do not understand why people won't just try God! Give your life to Him and forget about yourself for it is not about us but about Him and what He has done, what He offers and His heart. Many seek the hand of God but your peace is in the Heart of God. All you really need is for His spirit to fall fresh on you and allow Him to overtake you. You will never be the same.

Some of us right here on this site are for show and seeking things of the world. Yes, it is a purpose for this set up but let us be real, in all that is meant to be good, there are some that don't know the difference. I declare, you need His Holy Spirit and right.

A fresh anointing, an overflow, is what I am praying for right now. I want to be drenched in His presence and I know that some of you are seeking the same right now. Ask Him to Fall Down On Me, right now.
I don't know about you but I need Him everyday, every hour, and realize that I can't make it without Him. Some feel they can in their own power but I know that without Him, I have no power.

Just Fall Lord, Fresh on Me. This is my cry. Who will join?

May the peace of God bless you
May His Spirit Fall on You
May your life Never be the same
Fall Fresh Lord!

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