Romans 1: 11
" For I am yearning to see you, that I may impart and share with you some spiritual gift to strengthen and establish you;" (Amplified Bible)

Apostle Paul's heart of understanding brought clarity of where he endeavored to be in reference to the Kingdom and the building of God's people. He understood that grace had been bestowed upon him, therefore he came to a realization that the same he had the power to release unto others (Romans 1:5-7). Though his visit was not a quick work, he stood on the timing of God to visit Rome and when he did the Father would move in a great way. Nevertheless, the prayer of the mentioned was always in the lips of Apostle Paul, for the heart of God was with those in who he endavored to build spiritual enrichment with by way of the connection of the Holy Spirit (Romans 1:9-10). In this, Apostle Paul had one focus , for it was a mandate to establish the people of God. Apostle Paul had encountered a yearning in his spirit man to be able to bring the Church of Rome to a place of germination (Romans 1:11). He discerned that impartation was of a necessity therefore imparting gifts to strengthen the individuals and the church as a whole.
One of the apostolic functions is to bring dryness, stagnation, non-germination, deception, error and or spiritual death to a place of arrest by way of the Holy Spirit. Bringing and ushering the church into a place in which they may not be able to enter on their own for increase. The impartation in which Apostle Paul endeavored to impart was to bring and make known the purpose of the Kingdom; by way of wisdom and understanding and supernatural insight. Apostle Paul came to plant for development and the producing of fruit for the Kingdom; by calling forth growth and binding any spirit of retardation, dysfunction, malfunction, and dryness. In this Apostle Paul understood the mandate for the people of God and pronounced the greatness of God and the up building of God's people bringing an awareness and alert of the enemy ( 2 Corinthians 2:11).
We must be able to discern the tactic of the enemy, we must be able to discern whether those in who may enter your presence on behalf of God are for the people of the Kingdom, or are they for their own selfish motives. Self motivators walk with the spirit of the hireling with the motivation of only preaching and teaching for the price of what will be given, not for the purpose of building or releasing increase unto the people of God.

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