Grace and Peace My Brothers and Sisters here we are once again faced with many different challenges an today it just seems as if life isn’t getting any better but if you make up your mind today that no matter what I have got to take control of the choices I have made an start Standing Firm on my life decisions of how I deal with things. Now for some it’s the lost of a love one for some it’s a marriage gone bad for some it’s the day to day life of being alone for some it’s the fight to serve God better but what ever it is today like no other day you must STAND FIRM on what you believe and who you believe in because the fight you are in today is not about you at all it is about your Destiny to fulfill the call of God on your life. I know that you’ve been waiting for sometime to see your life turn around but hear me today don’t give up yet now isn’t the time to quit nor is it the time to turn back for God will bring it to pass only believe. For I hear the Lord saying keep your eyes on me for by faith this to shall pass so STAND FIRM on the word I spoke to you for I have called you for such a time as this your Destiny is set and you can`t give up the world needs you, your family needs you but most of all I The Lord needs you.

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Comment by Evangelist Delores White on April 16, 2009 at 12:58pm
Praise the Lord Prophet Marlon,
This is so true many or taking down and in the process leaving people to die. We forget sometimes that others are watching our lives. We have all gone through the hurts and pains that life brings but I am reminded that Jesus had to overcome this world. We live in this world but we are not apart of this world. Each of us have to go through our molting process and go into our wilderness (read about the molting process of an eagle). We need God like never before in order to conquer the elemental forces in our lives. We have to stand firm and not only that but we have to not be selfish with this thing but help another to stand as well.

Thank you for allowing God to use you and I send you words of encouragement that "I won't leave you for dead" meaning that we as Christians must help eachother make it. How can just an arm enter in without the body as a whole. If my arm is broken then the body is not operating in its fullness.

Be blessed of the Lord,
Evangelist White

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