Matt 11:12 states; And from the day of John the Baptist until know the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take by force;


          This year has been a really hard year for most of us. A lot of people lost job's . Some people lost  there home because they couldn't keep up with the payment. There has
been those that lost  their kids to drugs or they might be locked up
because they wanted to make money on the streets. The word of God say's
His children shouldn't lack, He say's that he will never leave us or
forsake us. Saints believe that He is not a man to where he should lie.

       When Jesus was on the cross He said it is finished. Do you know what that means? It means that all things have been defeated. Lack defeated, sickness defeated, depression
defeated we need to walk in the victory that Jesus laid His life down
for . 

       How many of you want your stuff back in 2011?? What has satan stole from you ???   What are you going to do to get it back ??? The word say's the battle has been won just believe.
Will you believe in Him or the situation ???

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