Throughout the history of the Church, God has raised several movements as carriers of truth regarding His kingdom and His will on earth as it is in heaven. The irony is that, most of these movements with time, evolved into monuments and they lose their edge. The following are the signs that a spiritual movement is fast becoming a monument.
Sign (1) when past strategies become established modes of operation.
Sign (2) When there is a continous circle of repetition due to the absence of progressive revelation
Sign (3) when the revealed word of God is replaced by the religious tradition of men
Sign (4) when membership replaces the passion for discipleship and mentor-ship
Sign (5) when titles become an obsession and replaces spiritual vision, function and authority
Sign (6) when the message of the kingdom becomes highly commercialized
Sign (7) when what God is saying is no longer important as what he said
Sign (8) when memories of the good old days completely replace testimonies of present accomplishments
Sign (9) when passion, vision, sense of purpose and a radical drive to impact lives is replaced by a sense of satisfaction, accomplishment, complacency and passivity
Sign (10) when the end of the world becomes all the movement sees

When a movement evolves into a monument, it becomes a barrier to the now move of God instead of a facilitator. May the Lord help us all. Shalom! Dr Etta

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