We are launching a bold new vision, one which will have a lasting impact on believers, Christian leaders, ministries, and nations... The City of Refuge.

The first City of Refuge will form the basis of a network of similar projects in different locations, and will include features such as:

A modern-day School of the Prophets which will develop a new generation of prophetic leaders committed to walking in integrity and humility, and to speaking what God has commanded them to speak (Deuteronomy 18:15-22)

A School for Emerging Leaders which will provide comprehensive training in God's principles for leadership, from character and management skills to the spiritual warfare and economics.

A series of safe houses for individuals, leaders and otherwise, to which they can resort in times of disaster and distress, and where they may be restored and equipped to continue their mission in the Lord's purpose.

A Research and Development Center, where those whom God has given skill and understanding will work together to produce technologies conducive to the church becoming independent of the world's systems. This will include various forms of alternative and free energy technologies that are presently not in wide use.

Its own food production facilities. Once established, the City of Refuge will provide for its own food and water through micro-farming, greenhouses, and rainwater collection. It will also pursue food production on a larger scale to develop an independent food supply for the church, and will assist ministries in developing similar production capacities. In a time in which many foods contain harmful pesticides and preservatives which cause many forms of illness, this is will be a tremendous blessing to the Body.

Independent energy production. The City of Refuge will use wind, solar, and other forms of free energy technology so as to be independent of the energy grid, and will assist ministries in doing the same.

Buildings constructed from recycled material, consisting of a high thermal mass. Many homes and buildings have been constructed from materials such as tires pounded with dirt, or concrete, for example, and the result is a structure with so much mass that it is far more resistant to weather and requires little or no heating and cooling. The City of Refuge will also seek to educate believers in this area, because high thermal mass homes are stronger, more durable, and far more energy-efficient than conventional stick-frame houses.

The City of Refuge will have a tremendous impact on the development of emerging Christian leaders, and will be an integral part of developing a whole new economic system for believers everywhere, a system based on resource independence and sound stewardship.

We are presently preparing to acquire land to begin construction, but we will need the support of believers everywhere to bring forth this great work to bless God's people.

Visit us online at http://www.restorationgroup.org to find out how you can get involved in this groundbreaking apostolic mission.

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