The Company We Keep (Within ourself) Poetry by Marie Calvin

THE COMPANY WE KEEP (Within our self)

The inner company we keep that lies dormant, so deep, in our flesh that at times gets weak, from familiar and comfortable places with what we may think are irreplaceable faces. Some no names, just hard cold cases that we can’t seem to kick. Can’t get a grip, because we’re trying too hard to be the baddest chick. Like New York Time Square, the city that never sleeps, keeps us tired, bogged down, too weak to pray and make promises to God for a better day, because we’re really too afraid that if our prays our answered, we might not want the responsibility of knowing that this time, right here, right now, we have to shine, straighten up and fly right. Do we still need a parachute??? So are we still procrastinating about calling on God? Or are we going to call on useless idols of a lost ark. Not Noah’s Ark of course. Because with all of the noise coming from God’s creations, we would have WOKE UP A LONG TIME AGO. We think to ourselves, a mind is really a terrible thing to waste, so why aren’t we putting something else on our thoughts, except for Who’s Who? And what is going on in a Video Vixen’s world? Which so many times it’s our own culture that takes us on a whirl, because we think that this is what life is all about, suppose to be like and all that other stuff. This is not a put down note. This is our own personal wake up call. We need to change our own self, love our self and be good to our self, treat our self, respect our self, have great expectation of morals, not quarrels amongst our self. On a scale of one to ten, how do we really see our self? Well that’s easy, A TEN!!!! Never underestimate the power that we have, so we have to go out and grab OUR INHERITANCE!!! Meaning…Take back our life, take back the unhealthy thoughts inside of us; of not wanting to know that knowledge is really POWER. So let’s read all we can read, and research all we can research. Why??? Because the internet is unlimited and so is God.

Marie Calvin Williams © 2010

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