You should know that with everything you do there is a cost involved. This cost may not come out in the form of money, but every action, every decision you make, whether you do something or not, costs you. To be clear, inaction and indecision also costs you something. Isaac Newton’s Third Law of Motion states, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” OK, big deal, so what does this mean?
It means, if you push against a brick wall, you’re gonna get a brick wall pushing back against you. The energy you exert meets with an equal and opposite reaction. So, spiritually speaking, you reap what you sow; what you put out, returns to you in the same measure, same way. Your effort will match your result. So if the cost of the anointing is high, guess what, you can’t put out minimal effort and expect to attain that kind of anointing. I’m telling you, an anointing is going to cost you something. How much you value the anointing will depend on how much of it you receive. If you do not give it much value, you won’t work as hard to attain it. On the other hand, if you place a great value on the anointing, then you will do what it takes to receive, maintain, and excel in it.
When the anointing is operating strong in a person’s life, you best believe it costs that person something. You want a fly-by-night anointing, lead a fly-by-night life. A strong anointing comes from spending much quality face time with God. Three elements can usually be attributed to someone who has a strong anointing:
1) They are givers
2) They have a strong and active prayer life
3) They fast

Whether you give of your time, yourself, your money, God can, and will bless a giver. If you hold onto stuff you won’t get anything in return. But if you give it away, somehow God makes sure it comes back to you, pressed down, shaken together and running over.

How can you expect someone, anyone, to give you something if they don’t know who you are? Though God knows you, you limit what He can give you if you don’t get to know Him, in prayer. Prayer time is precious and ought to be treated that way. This is a time when you and God can get closer than close. Prayer unlocks and opens doors, windows and everything else, but prayer also communicates God’s will to you. So you have to pray.

Fasting, oh this is a sore subject to most but fasting will cause things to happen in your life and can endow you with power from God. Fasting is more than abstaining from eating. Fasting puts your body, your flesh under subjection of your spirit man, who is then free to interact with the Holy Spirit. Fasting shows God you mean business because you are denying yourself in order to hear from Him.

What level anointing do you want? Do you want miracle producing, mountain-moving, demon-slaying/casting out, laying on of hands anointing, or do you want a speaking in tongues, feel good anointing? Don’t get me wrong…either one is good because an anointing from God is no small, laughing matter. But since God desires for us to lead victorious, abundant lives, shouldn’t the anointing on our lives equal and portray that? You can’t pity-pat around with God. Your walk, your stance, your anointing will tell off on you. If you want mediocre, pray five minutes, give a dollar in the church offering and fast every blue moon. To be a powerhouse, spend quality time with God; seek Him early, while He may be found; fast often and with a purpose; give liberally, with caution but without reason; and step out in faith knowing and believing that God is pouring out that triple-fold anointing upon you. There are no limits in God so if you have a limited anointing, get down to business and schedule some serious alone/face time with God.

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