Do You Know?

There are many times we dont know. But have you ask yourself why so many charities and so many call and cry for help to assist the poorest of the world people. Have you seen many foundations and orphanages on the Big Religious TV Stations and on the web. The intention is good but the implementation is what you dont know.

6 Billion of the world's money is given to charity, and well meaning people of good will and the Christian faith but what you dont know is that those donation do not get to those who really needs it. Millions of orphans, abandon, neglected, street, and poor children live across the world in the poorest places on earth.

Many organizations and charities and even churches represent these children and organizations in Third World countries. They take donation for them but the donations some time never reaches them and if it does it will have restrictions of what they can do and not do and where they money can be spend and what it can be spend for. What you dont know is that some on these BIG names organizations and personalities will take off the donation for soliciting or office purposes. That is if you sow a USD $ 100.00 into a ministry in Africa or India only USD $ 30.00 will get to the organization to which that money was donated.

What You Dont Know is that not many of you who give will be able to claim your donation as a charitable donation during the Tax Year. When you get to the Tax preparer they will tell you to itemize your taxes which many of you do not qualify for. So why your you giving your money to these organization who will tell you that your donation will be tax deductable and you will get your money back at the end of the year.

Since you now know that your donation will have restriction when it gets to your intended organization or may not get there at all. Now that you know that only part of your donation will reach those you donate for and sometimes you may not be able to claim that donation at the end of a Tax Year, you have a CHOICE.

What you can do is to listen to the cry from the people who are serving day to day. Find a organization and send your money directly to them. Build a true life relationship with an orphans or cause or project in Liberia, in Africa or in any part of the world.

Dont use the MIDDLE MAN. Know they people you are helping and let them know you are the want helping them. When you do that my dear friends. God is going to bless you.

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