Man believes in numbers, we equate numbers to success. We believe that the more strength we have to gather crowds the more God we have, not necessarily so in the Kingdom! God does not necessarily work with the multitude. He spoke to Gideon saying the people that are with you are too many for me to give the midianites into your hands(Judges 7;2)
Nothing wrong with numbers but success and accomplishment are very fragile. He said when your gold,silver and herds multiply dont forget me saying its by my power!( Det 8:11-14)
The blessing will multiply us but if we are not careful it tends to kill dependence on God!
When you begin feeling that you have the strength to gather the numbers to deal with whatever project, assignment or predicament take heed to yourself!
David fell for this deceit of the multitude when he sent Joab to number Israel( 1st Samuel 24:1,2) this was after the Lord had given him rest from all his enemies roundabout( 2 samuel 7:1) he shifted his focus from God to the strength of numbers, this was a great sin before the Lord, the sword of divine judgement fell upon Jerusalem!
Man/woman of God your strength is not in the multitude! God spoke to Abram saying; i am thy shield and exceeding great reward( Gen 15:1,2) Jehovah is your EXCEEDINLY GREAT REWARD!!
The multitude is always mixed! Not all that gather at your call are for you dont shift your focus away from Him!
Jesus was always thronged by multitudes, they followed him in the wilderness, He had compassion on them and fed them( Mathew 8:1, 13:1,2 14:14,15))
but he had the discretion of sending them away( Mathew 13:36) and creeping away to solitary places to seek the Father's WILL,(Mark 1:35) He was not caught up in the multitude craze!
Jehovah reduced Gideon's army from 32000 to 300 soldiers and told him i wll choose for you who will go and who will remain ( Judges 7;4) Now you understand why there has been a major shaking in your life! its all divine agenda!. God is upto something. Pls take note its dangerous to annoint what God has not appointed!
Find the divine number, for Gideon it was 300 soldiers, Moses 72 elders, Jesus 12 disciples. The moment Gideon settled for the divine number that same night God spoke saying Arise i have delivered the host of the midianites into thine hand( Judges 7:9). God has been trying to get your attention lately, the ministry, family or life predicament is not
the dilemma where is your focus?
I am praying for you!!

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