During my early studies this morning about the Last Supper [Communion, Breaking Bread, Eucharist, Fellowship, etc], the Spirit of the Lord directed my attention wondering if the Church or entire Christendom has fallen prey to an admonishment from Romans 12: 2. We probably hear that verse [regardless of what version or translation] preached in church so much we forget that we are alarmingly being driven by the spirit of this ungodly world. It is true that Economists, Investors, Financial Analysts, even Retailers have defined Black Friday as this and that: a day not just after a national oral tradition of giving “thanks” (Thanksgiving Day)…weeks before our oral tradition in celebration of the birth of Christ (Christmas); but Black Friday is a day of frenzy, craziest, and all kinds of stampeding over a sale item. Anyone out there looked up the definition of “stampede” lately? Okay, any...way, should one discuss Good Friday, faces frowns, or looked at as “too deep or religious”. I challenge anyone out there to talk about Good Friday on Black Friday. I double dare you! Hmmm! I also just learned that some have skipped giving their tithes and gave it over to “an industry”. Some have even skipped their financial obligations like their rent, car note, children’s lunch money or their phone bill.
Has the Church fallen prey to carnality or has the Church allowed the world to “conform our minds” into thinking what they want us to think? National news this week, many people slept overnight [regardless of weather conditions] waiting in lines for doors to open only to get cussed out at the checkout line –were any of us in that mix? Or perhaps, born again believers have lessened the meaning of Good Friday – the time when Jesus Christ was crucified and died for the sins of the world? The economy is driving us to a frenzy to get the best deals and this is okay to a degree. We all need to save on our spending. But are we pending a spiritual crisis in the Church as a whole by allowing the world to “conform our minds”. Hmmmm? Should the Lord Jesus delay His coming; talk about GOOD FRIDAY on BLACK FRIDAY. Try it. You have till mid-night today. Check your spiritual condition in your “being a witness for the Lord” [so the song goes] by talking about Good Friday on this Black Friday. I trust God Christians everywhere be on a spiritual alert (Ephesians 5: 14) as never before because even in our human condition, our fallen nature living in a world of sin, we can be “a city set on a hill” (Matthew 5: 14) BUT still face a “spiritual city-wide blackout”. Our flashlights are wearing thin y’all [Ooops! Bad spelling there]. Lord have mercy, I done stepped on some shoes [probably were on sale!]. Sorry. Oh, help us Lord Jesus! Help us! Help!


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