We are in a disgraceful era of chistian history. The early church, the medieval church, the church of the 19th century and all that have existed before the advent of greedy televangelists and the skewed form of gospel daubed "The Prosperity preaching", have not witnessed this kind of deception or even conceived the possibility of man,s ability to woodwink and exploit his gullible neighbors the way prosperity gurus have managed to do.This gospel is relatively young. The Lord Jesus never preached it, Paul never preached it nor did any of the apostles. The Early church never preached it. The missionaries who sarcrificed their comfort and gave up their lives to bring the gospel the four corners of the world never preached. The only people preaching it are the greedy, wide-mouth, lazy, skimming, lowlifes of the twenty-first century calling themselves men of God.

The message was designed by ministers who figured out that the church could run like a business by introducing corporate greed inoerder to maximize profits for the founders.

(One such lowlifes in on the internet boasting about owning a 16000 dollar dog!!) He tells people " hold your check book up. Repeat this after me: Money cometh....insert your name. write me a check for 10,000 and see what the Lord will do.." Ha haha How many people became multi-millionaires by listenenig and doing this crap? There are thousands of his followers who have been obeying this bandit and are still uanble to pay their mortgages.

Prosperity preachers are killing the spirit in the church around the world, the message is like a wildfire consuming true christianity all over the world. Now wherever you go christianity is about your bank account, making money and boasting about it to all and sundry. There is no longer any difference between pastors and investment bankers on wall street who are languishing in jail for stealing people's money. The difference is that the cowardly preacher are hiding their loot behind religion.

I feel sorry for poor Africa. I didnt used to be like this just a few years back, but today Africa has fallen prey to western greed unleashed by the prosperity preachers of our modern times. You go to a remote African village where the people live off the land, hardly making up to 10dollars a year. The/ve always been happy this way for 1000s of years. Enter western materialism and the demonic prosperity preaching. What do you see? Visit the local church, you will find a potbeelied, chubby-cheeked, tuxedo-wearing, individual introducing himself as pastor. Attend church service the next sunday, you will see many of the congregant without shoes nor proper clothing. Some have walked miles or ridden bycicles to get to church, sweat dripping from their brows, rib cages showing for lack of proper nutrition, collar bones hollowed out, holes in their singlets.

The pastor gets up to preach and he is pounding them on the heads with the bible: "The reason you are poor is because you are not paying me enough tithes!" Hello, Mr Greedy! The man cant find enough food to feed his family, why will God drape him in poorvety because he cant find tithes to pay to you? This insanity is one of the Devil's most calculated and yet most successful attempts to reduce the church into a latrine pit. From the look of things, Mr Stinky has once again pull a fast one the gullible christians.

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Comment by Andy C Wuhraizer on July 15, 2011 at 12:44pm
If you dont believe me on this issue, look back through history. Off all the preachers that have fallen out of grace after many years of being portrayed as men of God, how many were in the prosperity genre? do you want me to mention names? See? prosperity preachers are first in linr to disgrace the Lord. when persecution comes in this land(and sure it is coming), the first preachers to run and denounce the Lord are the prosperity preachers. Why? Because most of them dont know the Lord as personal Saviour, most of them are using the church to enhance business performance. Some prosperity preachers are even ATHEISTS!!! they dont believe in God! And yet they are running multi-million dollar ministries on television!! That is why the curch today is a zoo. There are all kinds of animals in there. when persecution comes we will see who are the called as opposed to the chaft. See. When they put a gun to the head of a prosperity preacher ans say "denouce your faith or be shot" he will immediately begin to denounce Christ. : 'I swear to the 99 gods ofnothiness, i was only in it for the money. I never believe in Christ anyway. I have proof, see my bank accounts? I made mone, that is all I was doing, I could care less about some stupid religion" well, the persecuters are convinced, so they let him go. Them the turn around and put their gun on the head of Andrew the Son of Wuhraizer and say "Denounce the Lord and live or you die!" I look at them and say "Go F..K your mama!!" Do your worse sons of the devil!
Comment by Andy C Wuhraizer on September 8, 2010 at 5:30pm
So someone asked me, "What is your answer to christians getting out of poverty?" Simple, instead of preaching prosperity lets TEACH AND HELP" our fellow christians go out there and make money. There are tons of money to made out there. Unbeleivers are doing it better than us cos they are doing the right things. We are relying on so-called spiritual gurus to use their anointing to make us rich, so we never getting there. The guru gets rich cos he wants a check first and foremost. Some are selling holy water from Russia to make Americans rich!!! HAhAHA! Even my buttocks knows this is ridiculous.
Let me tell you this, if there was a fountain in Russia whose water brought prosperity and riches into anyone's life, dont even dream of coming into contact with a drop of such water. The Russian government will send 100,000 marines to surround the area with orders to shoot and kill anyone trying to make away with a single drop. You dont get a sniff untill Putin says so. Worse if it happens in Africa. The president of that African state will declare all the water his personal property, kill anyone who ventures within 100 miles radius, have a channel conduct all the water to his house, eliminate anyone who has a challenging opinion. So just cut it, the windows of heaven wont rain no money. You have to take advantage of your God-giving talents and opportunities and work hard. Then the Lord will bless your handiwork and give you prosperity. "Money cometh" aint gonna cut it.
Comment by Andy C Wuhraizer on April 10, 2010 at 8:18pm
I want prosperity preachers to answer this question. If the prosperity gospel is so right why is it that it is only the preacher who rises from ashes to riches and not the listeners?If God said something it has to be right 100% of the time. Why is that people obey your teachings and are still poor. Everyone is giving to you as a way to get out of poverty, but the only one getting rich is you. It doesnt take rocket science to figure that out. Anyone who has a product that people admire and want to have will become rich. Bill Gates became rich because he invented Microsoft. The prosperity preacher's microsoft is a lie. Peddling a lie to gullible christians makes them want to give all their savings to Rev. 16000 dollar dogman so he can boast about. Hahaha, Judgment Day will be interesting. There will be a lot of surprises!
Comment by Andy C Wuhraizer on April 10, 2010 at 7:36pm
INot long ago I attended a service in one of the prosperity churches here by way of invitation. It was an evening service. The pastor annouced that the churches 10million dollar building project was near completion. Nothing wrong with that. But just after the offering was taken and the Associate pastor was about to dismiss the congregation, things were held up. He annouced that there was still some unfinished business. He said: " A sister has come to us. She is unable to pay her rent and is facing eviction. I wont mention her name. You all know her. She is such a giving person and pays her tithes. We are going to take a freewill offering for her to be able to pay her rent. If I mention her name everyone of you will be running to give. We love her, she has such a giving spirit." I was shocked. I just bowed my head in shame. I gave all I had in my wallet. The question is, if she is such a devoted giver, and paying her tithes and now she cant pay her rent, why wouldnt the church pay her rent and give all the assistance she needs until she can get back on her feet? Isnt her tithes part of the 10million being wasted on a building? The answer laid in what I would hear the head pastor say the next time I was in the same church. It was the begininig of the recession and he based his sermon as usual like all prosperity preachers on money. He said : "we are officially in a recession. Things are going to be difficult for many of you. But let me tell you this, if a cchurch member comes to us to borrow money from the churches coffers, we will deny you. why? Because if we lend you money and you are unable to pay back, you will stop coming to church!!"Hahaha! why did God institute the tithe?? Hello tell me somebody. God is not eratic, what ever he institutes in a social setting is for a purpose. Prosperity preaching are telling you that if you dont pay tithes to them, you are robbing God. What they dont tell you is why God instituted the tithes in Israel IN THOSE DAYS. They wont. See Because God did not institute the tithe to be payed to the pastor nor the church!!! The tithe was levied on landowners. They were to bring a tenth of their harvest to the store house(which by the way is not Rev Greedy's bank account, nor the churches), it was simply a holding place for foodstuff that the priest has to store and share out to...."so that widows and orphans will not starve in the land" That is is the purpose of the tithe. It was like today's food stamps. This is why God struck Eli's children for dipping their hands into the tithe. Eli himself met a similar fate for not discipling his children. Well, a great American tithe taker is on the internet boasting about how much of your tithes he has spent on his children and on a common dog!
I know a pastor who said whilst preaching: "if you dont pay tithes to me, you cant preach in my church, if you dont pay tithes to me you cant be a deacon in my church, if you dont pay tithes to me, you cant sing in the choir. The Lord told me to work with only tithers." Well, he hasnt got the church anymore, the Lord took it away.
I am not against giving. I love to give. I give to meet needs. I can give 100% of any income. I have done it before, many times. I beleive God blesses given that meets people's needs. Not giving as a ritual. Prosperity preachers say giving is some form of voodoo ritual with a formular attached. Shame. If you are a poor man and you buy a bycicle as a gift for Rev. Jetplane Jack, who owns his private plane and several top model cars, stolen from the wealth of christians and you think angels are going to rejoyce in heaven, you are a fool!! Give that bycicle to the poor next door neighbor who needs it to get to and from work and watch the rewards.

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