Throughout scripture, men have suffered injury, when in fact, had they not sinned, the knowledge of pain, aches, burns,scrapes, cuts, or even haeadaches would have never been known or experienced,but when the patriarch and matriarch of this world entertained and submitted to evil, SUFFERING was born. The Lord even gave "Eve" a heads up, and said "Girl, since you want to "holla back" at a snake and be seduced into disobedience and from under My covering, I've got somebody I want you to meet, and his name was "PAIN/MISERY", because you are about to become well acquainted with them, and even as you prepare to populate this earth, much Pain, and Suffering shall come upon you,and it was here where "OUCH" was first uttered! I'm sure that Adam came home from toiling the land many a day with blisters,sun burn, back aches, and headaches from dealing with this "new" CONDITION called "stress and pressure. Then you have those who received "noble" wounds and injuries, like Jacob, who was so determined to apprehend his blessings, that he wrestled all night long until he possessed what he desperately needed, and came out of it with a battle injury, a dislocated hip, which can be very painful, but BUT HE COUNTED IT ALL JOY, for the blessings before him. Yes,Jacob suffered a handicap in that battle, but he also apprehended his destiny, earned a new name, and was inducted into the Gospel Hall of Fame. Oh, that we yet had the same tenacity and indignation, to wrestle in prayer until our sons and daughters line up with the WORD THAT HAS GONE OUT OVER THEIR LIVES, and until our marriages look like kingdom marriages, and until sickness was afraid to draw near us! Jacob accomplished far more after a few rounds in the ring with the angel, than he ever did while he was "whole"! People" are inclined to relegate the lame,, the frail, and the handi-capped to isolated "handicap friendly" places, even in God's house,but you need to know there's an anointing behind your "disability", if you got it while in the service of the Lord!!! No one wants to befriend, sit next to, or sincerely embrace those who have something "withered" or malformed, frailties or differences that don't resemble their own, not knowng what power is roaring beneath the surface of those wounds, brokeness, and battle scars, and not smart enough to find out how they got them! They could've taken a hit meant for YOU, WHILE THEY WEPT BEFORE THE ALTAR ON YOUR BEHALF, AND YOU NEVER KNEW IT!Be careful, real careful, in snubbing, dismissing, or mistreating those who may have a blind eye, who may be hop-skipping on a cane or a crutch, or whose speech may not be eloquent or refined, because injuries, being crippled and wounded for the Lord's sake, always purchases a far greater weight of glory and anointing, because HE HAS ASSURED US, THAT IF WE SUFFER WITH HIM, WE SHALL REIGN WITH HIM, AND IT'S LIKELY THAT THAT ONE WHO LOOKS,TO YOU, TO BE THE MOST "JACKED UP" HAS MORE HOLY GHOST POWER TO GET A PRAYER THROUGH TO GOD'S "DIRECT LINE" IN THE AREA OF THEIR HANDICAP , THAN YOU'LL EVER HAVE IN YOUR MUCH PAMPERED, WELL PRESERVED BODY, BECAUSE SUFFERING AND PAIN DEMANDS THAT YOU STAY CLOSE TO GOD, AND SO ATTACH YOURSELF TO THE HEM OF HIS GARMENT THAT HE CAN'T MOVE WITHOUT DRAGGING YOU ALONG WITH HIM!! IT IS AN INJUSTICE THAT WE SPEND SO MUCHTIME WHISPERING AND MURMURING ABOUT THE "IMPERFECT OR HANDICAPPED, AND "PARKING IN THEIR PARKING SPOTS", BUT RARELY DO WE TRY TO BLESS THEM AND GET TO KNOW THEIR STORY.

Moses, also suffered from a sort of "handicap" ,in that he was a stammerer, and I'm sure he suffered uch mocking, taunting, and abuse, but GOD selected him BECAUSE of his affliction, because he knew that as long as Moses had to depend upon Him for his excellency of speech, he would stay humble, and I'm sure everyone who knew Moses prior to that visitation with the Lord, especially those who had caused him pain, had their faces "cracked" and had to pick them up out of the dirt, when they saw this stammering man who went up to Mt. Sinai saying "Yyyyyall,st-st-st-stay r-r-r-right h-h-h-h-ere til I-I-I-I cco-co-coc-come b-b-ba-back" but who came down BOLDLY and precisely DECLARING "THE LORD, HE IS HOLY AND GREATLY TO BE FEARED, SO YOU BETTER REMEBER THE SABBATH DAY TO KEEP IT HOLY, HAVE NO OTHER GOD'S BEFORE HIM.....", AND THOSE SAME PEOPLE said to him "Moses,speak thou with us, and we will hear, but let not God speak with us, lest we die." I know of such a man of God, and many of you may too, and this man, though lacking an audible voice, "cries louder", and "preaches harder" , and is far more effective, genuine, and impacting than most of others I know,who have a "perfect" pair of vocal cords and a healthy larynx! He chose to focus on the HEALER and the charge he had to keep, rather than his unfortunate circumstances!So shall it be with many of you, who have allowed your afflictions, limps, broken spirits,limitations and stuttering to be a hinderance because you believed what some man/woman of God or somebody said about you, but you need to limp, crawl, hop, skip,roll yourself up to the mountain, find a pool of Bethesda or a muddy river to dip yourself in, and let that anointing attached to your condition explode all over you and everything in your path! A "HANDICAP" is not a handicap in the eyes of God, bit rather a mark for a memorial that determnes who you were and Who HE was to you, before and after your affliction! Your "disability", is no more than what the Apostle Paul made reference to that "thorn" in the side", but it worked to his good, because it kept him humble and mindful to give thanks in all things, and to never accept the glory that belonged to GOD! Who knows, can reason with, COUNSEL, or govern the soul of a "perfect" man, who in his own estimation and arrogancy has no need for God, because he's never had to believe Him for a healing or a divine touch?

Mephibosheth,suffered a "handicap" at the hands of a careless nanny, when he was very young, much like the injuries we receive while "churchin'", early in our developing ministry years, that leaves us crippled for a very long time. Many of you are crippled right now because of someone else's carelessness, or clumsiness/slothfulness, in how they handled your anointing. If you just hold on, and believe GOD that the end of a matter is always better than the beginning thereof, and that weeping endures but for a night, you may find yourself "living your life like it's golden" in the King's palace,"dressesd to kill legions of demons", and in the highest realm of favor in GOD, AND MEN! No doubt, if you've been saved a minute, been in church a while, and/or been in ministry for a spell, you've taken some hits that you still bear the wounds from, and you may still have a little "shrapnel" floating around,or perhaps some of those broken things didn't "set" properly, making you walk, talk, preach, praise, prophesy, kind of "peculiarly', but obviously different from the "norm", other much celebrated "associate ministers, and house elders,or status quo, but you need to see it as the bearing in your body the sufferings of Christ, and unlock and free the anointing behind every single scar and "injury" you've ever suffered! OPEN YOUR MISSHAPEN MOUTH, TILTED PALATE, AND STAND UP ON YOUR FEEBLE KNEES, LEAN TO THE LEFT AND LIMP ALL YOU WANT, BECAUSE YOUR ANOINTING IS IN THAT THING THAT YOU SUFFERED, THAT WA SUPPOSED TO DISQUALIFY YOU, AND KEEP RIDING ON THE SHORT ELLOW BUS, OR CONFINED WAY OVER IN THE "WHEELCHAIR AND BIB CORNER"! IT'S ALRIGH IF YOU'RE CONFINED TO A "WHEELCHAIR" FOR NOW, BECAUSE THE WEIGHT OF BEING ON YOUR KNEES INTERCEDING FOR YOUR ENEMIES HAS YOU NEEDING A KNEE REPLACEMENT, BUT UNTIL GOD DOES THAT THING, ROLL, YOUR ANOINTED SELF ON UP TO YOUR RIGHTFUL PLACE, AND PREACH HELL SHUT, BECAUSE YOUR DISABILITY AND HANDICAP HAS QUALIFIED YOU!! IF YOUR TONGUE HAS BECOME HEAVY IN WARFARE, AND IN MUCH PRAYING,STILL GET YOURSELF UP THERE AND MOTION AND POINT FROM HEAVEN TO HELL, AND THEY'LL UNDERSTASND THAT YOU JUST DID A BRIEF "SILENT MOVIE" CLIP THAT WARNED AND ADMONISHED THEM "JESUS IS COMING BACK, AND YOU NEED TO GET RIGHT!! Your handicap may have been sent for destruction,to curse you, shut you down, cause men to overlook or dismiss you, but God still takes the "marred", oddly shapen, flawed, imperfect, bearly limping, can hardly crawl, absent minded,ill-formed,drooling, discarded ones amongst us , and saturates them with the highest heights of His power, because He knows He can trust them to exercise the anointing in humility, meekness, reverentially, and always remembering how they and their Healer became as one, and He knows He can trust them to demonstrate patience,tolerance,empathy, compassion,longsuffering, and forebearance towards others who are now, where they once were, and that they will understand that God may be doing a great work in their lives, in the midst of their misfortune , because, in spite of the greater weight of glory, THEY WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER!

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