oN THE weekend of August 7-9 many of my friends, family and brethren gathered with me here as I celebrated my 60th birthday and 40th year in ministry. In ministry you have many trials but it is always comforting when you know that it is the Lord who called and placed you there. He does not disappoint. He always seeks to bring encouragement to His servants. While we were celebrating (60/40) He reminded me of this fact, “The heavenly registry bears the proper record and the Commander-in-Chief never cheats.” Man cheats, distorts, misrepresents, deceives, fabricates, makes promises to you and willfully reneges on them, and he acts differently towards you in your presence than in your absence. He makes comments about you that are diabolically opposite to the perception he gave you. Man judges according to outward appearance and mostly he is a little bit disproportionate in his treatment of individuals. Sadly even ministers value some ministers and treat others as if they are persons of no real consequence. In contrast to man’s actions it is wonderfully reassuring to know that Jesus Christ our Lord is keeping the proper record. He sees who you truly are, what you are doing for His kingdom, and will reward the godly accordingly. He faithfully performs His promises; we can trust Him to be true to His word. To you who are in ministry remember the worth of your ministry is not gauged by the number of people in your congregation (few or many) but rather by the Lord’s account, have you been faithful? He chose you for His service (places great value on you) and delights in you (1 Cor. 15: 58) <)))>)))><
For those who live in and around Birmingham, Alabama I will be in revival

Tues. Sept 22 thru Thurs. Sept.24
7:00 pm nightly @
Grace & Truth Outreach Ministry
2610 29th Ave North, Birmingham, AL
(205) 252-0222 or 856-7257
Come and bring your friends.


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Comment by cherry on September 12, 2009 at 7:19pm
Praise God for that timely word man of God!!!!!! This truly is a word for me NOW especially since I am stepping out in my calling, (after the Lord has sent me many words by others, and many dreams, and visions) and man has been overlooking me. But I was just saying as long as God sees me!!!!!!! Praise His name!!!!! Congratulations on celebrating your 60th birthday, and 40 yrs in ministry-to God be the glory!!!!!

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