The Holy Spirit is a person.He is the thrid person of trinity.he as intellect and emotion. when you hear the bible says the Spirit of father,the Spirit of the son ,the Spirit of Adoption, all these names rafer to the Holy Spirit.
But it is unfortunate that so many people that go to church do not know the Holy Spirit. It is the Holy Ghost that makes the difference in the life of believes, so when the holy Spirit comes upon your life , you will turn to a different personality when he comes upon a man all forms of disapointement are converted to suprnatural appointement. Is the Holy Spirit at work in man produces testimony ans extra ordinary results.

In genesis chapter one the Bible records that darkness was upon the face of the earth unchallenged, until this great personnality moved upon the face of the waters and triggered off the force of creation it was the move of Spirit that brought into effect the commands issue forth by God the Father.

When the Spirit of God comes upon you then you will locate your location. It was prophesied by prophet Isaiah about the master Jesus Christ who will comes out from root of jesse and the seven Spirit of the lord will rest upon him to enable him accomplish his assignment( Isa.11:1-3)

The Spirit of wisdom: Wisdom is the right Application of Knowlege. Understanding is higher than knowlege but wisdom combines the two. The Spirit of counsel and wisdom are togher. The Spirit of counsel operates under the Spirit of wisdom. The Spirit of might is ability to do the impossible. When you do not have the Holy-Spirit, you will be afraid. The Spirit of knowlege enables you to move from one level to another. It comes by feeding and meditating on God's word

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