Confusion is an illusion presented by the false interpretations of our minds. It is the mayhem we let in when we shut our doors to divine order. Puzzlement is not your friend, neither is it the one you should sit down with to put the pieces together. But in the commotion of the chaos, in which valuable truths of yourself, have been lost…there is hope.

There is hope to foil the enemy of turmoil and there is hope to receive justification from the accusation mystification has brought upon you. The adjudication will be based upon the evidence of things not seen which is your now faith.

You see, perplexity has attempted to strangle the simplest of things. It has attempted to suffocate your identity with confusion and misunderstanding but today I present you with the remedy for a mind that is sick with confusion. This remedy will erase the illusion so much so that what you couldn’t see and what you can’t see will be the picture of an everlasting vision in plain view. The vision of who you are and when you finally see it confusion will be driven as far away from you as the east is from the west. Confusion can no longer touch you with its fingers that molest and protest against your virtue.

The remedy is truth and the solution is the acquisition and implementation of the knowledge that allows you to know that you aren’t crazy. The only ones that are insane are the ones that have driven you away from the knowing of your name thinking that a moment of confusion could stop you. You shall excel as you come out of the jail that wanted to keep you locked up because with knowledge and ability you are a threat to those that cannot hold a candle to your character.

I’m asking you your name today. What is your Shem (the Hebrew word for name which means reputation, character and glory)? You don’t need psychotropic drugs all you need is strength from above to help you be who you are. And with this you can no longer be labeled as confused. And when the shackles of confusion drop of your mind you’ll stop letting yourself be used and abused.

Have you asked yourself lately who you are? I am just taking a moment today to tell you who and what you are not. You are not confused and neither are you confusion. You are not some illusion presented by the false interpretations of your mind. You are a person waking up to your purpose and this is something you will only be able to find as you uncover the mystery of you hidden within the Bible’s verses. I’m only here as a compass of sorts to point you in the right direction because I saw that you were confused and I didn’t like what I saw so I decided to throw out a life preserver in hopes of rescuing you. The rest of the journey is now up to you.

Find yourself in the Word because confusion doesn’t look good on you but it looks rather absurd. Dig into the Word for in it you will find the well that will make you well.

By Deneene A. Collins
All Rights Reserved
Copyright © 2010

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