In the quieting of Elijah's heart, the Lord in His goodness drew near, reassuring Elijah that he was not alone in his battle: There were still seven thousand Israelites who had not bowed to Baal ( I Kings 19:18 ). Next, a commission came. The Lord told Elijah to anoint Hazael as king over Syria and Jehu as king over Israel. He also was to train Elisha, who would be his successor ( I King 19:15-16 ). At Horeb, God released a double portion of spiritual power. Although the Lord gave the new anointing to Elijah, it would be Elisha who would walk in it. Elisha would do twice as many miracles ( II Kings 2:9-14). More than any other Old Testament prophet, Elisha's works would most resemble those of Christ Himself.
Elijah did not personally bring national restoration, but he prepared the way for Elisha, who brought the closest thing to revival the northern tribes ever experienced. Out of his Horeb encounter with God, Elijah received a greater understanding of his place in God. His called was not to establish, but to go before and prepare the way for greater things to come. In fact, Elijah was so successful at preparing the way that his spiritual anointing was apportioned to John the Baptist as a herald to Christ's first coming. Elijah is destined to prepare the way for Christ's Second Coming as well ( Malachi 4:5,6; Matthew 17:11 ).

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