The lack of confidence could be the missing ingredient thats hindering your Faith!!!

sometime you can lack confidence in your faith/and become dependant on others... there is a need to develope confidence.

To declare and receive the promises of God.. you must have confidence in your faith!!!

Just like baking a cake you must have all thee ingredient to get the right results

What is confidence?
1. a firm belief or trust 2. boldness.

Confidence : The force that pushes the water out of the glass,

When the bible uses word confidence it means assurance"or complete and total"persuasion."It also closely parallels the meaning of "trust". when you trust something you must have full confidence in it. Confidence is a quality which leads you to stand under or endure adversity.. It causes you to under take a difficult task with diligence. You"ll never take a firm standing for something without confidence.
confidence and faith works hand in hand confidence is your foundation

Proverb 3:26 for the lord shall be thy confidence,and shall keep thy foot from being taken. having the lord as your confidence will keep your foot from stumbling.
What is your foot use for? Standing .It supports your stance.
In eph. 6:13,14 we're told "..having done all to stand. Stand...."

Confidence causes us to hold fast to our confession of faith without wavering!!!
satan is determined to get you to turn loose of your confidence.
Why? because he hates you and doesn't want you to receive your reward.
Confidence allways produces a reward. He knows that if he can cause to loose
your confidence you will forfeit your blessing

{forfeit-means lose or have to give up by one"s own act,neglect, or fault}

{for he is faithful that promised:} Hebrews 10:22.23

Hew. 10:35-37 therefore don't cast away your confidence. which has great reward. For you have need of endurance, so that after you have done the will of God. you may receive the promise: "for yet a little while and he who is coming will come and not tarry . now the just shall live by faith. but if anyone draws back,my soul
has no pleasure in him.

Job 13:15 Another term closely identified with confidence is boldness. In fact boldness can often be used inter changeably with confidence when talking about spiritual principles.

In scripture Both words comes from the same Greek root word . Boldness is not how loud you talk.Boldness is tied up with the concepts of “yieldedness” and “ obedience.
Their can be no true obedience where there is no confidence. Nor can you yield yourself to someone whom you don’t trust. Confidence is the final
Piece of the faith puzzle. Our words must be full of confidence..

A good example of confidence Habakkuk 3:17,18 read
Now here’s a man with confidence. His crops have failed. His livestock is
Destroyed. Nothing is going right. be his response to these circumstances
Is yet I will rejoice in the lord…{read} verse 18-the lord is my strength, and he will make my feet like hinds feet, and he will make me to walk upon mine high places. Like Habakkuk ,you you’ve got to make sure your confidence isn’t dependent upon your surrounding circumstances.

We must be fully persuaded…rom.4:21 Abraham being fully persuaded that,
What he had promised, he was able to do. Daniel 3:16-18 confidence facing the fiery furnace. Sure faith 27:1 psalms ,be still and wait psalms 37:7 Jeremiah 32:17 nothing too hard God.

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