Romans 8:28.
Thanks for your continual prayers. God is so merciful and I am extra thankful today. The Lord spared our lives on Friday (4/3). We were in a violent accident on the freeway. A lady came over on us and squeezed us up against the dividing wall. Our car blew a tire, went out of control, skidded across three lanes of traffic and the back hit the retaining wall on the other side. It bounced back and ended up blocking the second and third lanes.
Without that wall being there or if our car had flipped we would have ended up in the Alabama River. We bounced around in our vehicle like crash dummies.
When we exited the car and realized we were over the river it took my wife's strength. It was scary, every time I think of it I give God thanks.
Graciously all the traffic came to a halt and none ran into us.

We thought the lady had fled the scene but when the trooper came and took our report he told us he would be back that she had exited at the next exit and was waiting at a gas station. He returned later and gave us her name and all the necessary information. Our vehicle is disabled. It can be repaired but probably would cost more than it is valued.

We were definitely shaken up and there is still a bit of soreness but no broken bones. We are thankful. Keep us in your prayers.

*** I have "grabbed hold of the rope" and made a new committed to be more daring for HIM than ever.

Apostle Sealy

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