Prophets, the prophetic mantle is not given for us to glorify ourselves, or to make a name for ourselves, but it is given by God to the Glory of God. True prophets are not to magnify their gifts, but to magnify God and to be examples of Christ's love and affection for his people.

We Prophets, are the mouths, eyes, and ears of the Lord. We hear the spirit, we see in the spirit, and we speak from the spirit of God; NOT from our intellect, or our own knowledge. We must never operate from our own emotions or feelings, but strictly from the presence and power of All Mighty God. We do not prophesy based on our feelings nor correct in our own anger, but embrace the total persona of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our spirits must never be unruly, self willed, or proud, but we must personify all the fruits of the spirit. We do not collect God's people, but we direct the people to God and we never ever speak or prophesy anything the Lord has not spoken.

True prophets do not charge or take gifts for their prophesy, as this could persuade to speak the will of the people; instead of the will of God. As some have done and became the mouth of people, instead of the mouth of God.

The Mantle of the Prophetic is not given until the spirit of the prophet has been broken. The prophet can never have his/her own mind, thought, or wisdom. He/she ceases to exist as themselves, and become totally the property of the Lord. They must never be driven by their own desires, hopes, or dreams. They are only the Lord's. We take our assignments from the Lord, we can not take an engagement without the permission of the Lord. We are not in a popularity contest, but on assignment to complete the work given by the Lord himself.

Prophets, we are to respect the Mantle the Lord has placed on us and never pimp or prostitute this mantle for vain glory, acknowledgment, popularity, or praise.

It is time we walk worthy of this Mantle and set the standards again for true prophets of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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