I dedicate this poem to all of my sisters who stand as the ultimate glory of man and wthe beloved daughters of the most high. Just as no person should seek to come disrespectfully toward any person of dignity and authority, no one should ever approach you or seek to deal with you as if your oriogins and operations are on a common base. Love yourself and the regal reality that was decreed by your Father in the Begninng...Recognize at all times the queen in you!

The Queen in Me

When I look in the mirror at myself
I see the essence of royalty
I see the daughter of the ultimate father
I see the queen in me

In all of my dealings I take time to see
Who I am and who I am created to be
I am not arrogant but please understand
That I am not just a common woman
And if any dealings between us are to be
You don’t have to bow or rise, but you must recognize
The queen that lives in me

My hair is my glory; pinned up or let down

Intelligence and dignity are the jewels in my crown
Grace is my fragrance; beauty is my glow
Sweetness is my taste; rhythm is my flow
Power is in my hands; determination in my stride
Confidence in my eyes; my stand is with pride
I am to be cherished, appreciated but never owned
Although with the right king I’d gladly share a throne
I am sister of Cleopatra, Esther and of Nefertiti
They are the heritage of the queen in me

I may be your neighbor, your friend or your sister
I may call you honey, Miss, Mam, Sir or Mister
I see your worth and ask that in your dealings with me
That you recognize the queen in me

Copyright © 2005 Vernon D. Lloyd

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