What do you call your weakness, or a little flaw, or a little sin is still sin and you must be delivered from it

1. Until you admit it, God can’t do anything with it!
2. Until you acknowledge it, God can’t change it!
3. Until you denounce it, God can destroy it!
4. Until you confess it, God can’t free you from it!

The Sin of Jealousy
The sin of jealousy is so great and powerful; that it’s power and force caused one of the three most beautiful angels that God ever created; whom He gave the greatest power-- Jealousy caused Him to be transformed from angel into the Devil – Satan - Lucifer!

How Many Of You Will Come Today And
1. Ask to be delivered from the Sin of Jealousy!
2. Ask to be delivered from the Demon of Lying!
3. Ask to be delivered from the Sin of Deceit!
4. Ask to be delivered from Selfishness!
5. Ask to be delivered from the Demon of Anger!

We are not fighting against flesh & blood – We are fighting the forces of Sin and the forces of Unrighteousness are only overcome by the Power of God. Your will power can’t overcome the powers of sin and Satan! In the face of Satan and in the face of Sin your will power will not last – you will be defeated! The secret of victory is the indwelling Christ. That’s the secret to overcoming the powers of Satan and Sin!

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Comment by Ambassador Vanessa Ann on October 7, 2009 at 9:56pm
A NOW Word Apostle! Thank you for your anointed posts to help the body get right and pure before God. I am blessed to read them all. Many blessings!

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