In the 1400’s it was discovered that the sun does not revolve around the earth but that reality is quite the contrary. It is the earth in fact that revolves around the sun. There is also the Son of the Most Magnificent Omniscient One who is the Word by which the world was framed. He is the All Mighty Architect and Master Builder by which this world was made.

He burns much hotter and brighter than the sun in the sky and He lives eternally above the sun even though He once came to this earth and died. His Father crafted us from the dust of the earth and just as the earth revolves around the sun our earthen vessels were created to revolve around the Good and Faithful One.

As we revolve we evolve because He is at the center of our transformation killing all the cold negotiations of our flesh to worship the creation over the Creator. It is time to replace the revolving door with the Way, the Truth and the Life which is a Door that is opened that no man can shut and a Door that is closed that no man can open. This is a great omen to you and I and I sigh with the breath He put in me as I tell you… It is the Door that provides the solution for broken resolutions. It is the Door that leads to the passageway of Life.

If you have experienced even a tad bit of strife it may be because your resolutions have been made to the institution of yourself and your world was not made to revolve around you. Like it or not it is still true so it is time to be honest and start revolving around Him rather than around you.

Many of us cry out, “Why God” not even acknowledging Him by His Name which is where the power is the Bible says…

In the presence of the One whose name means Salvation is the fullness of joy and at His right hand are pleasures for evermore. There is a seed in your soil meant to grow free of toil watered by His Spirit and warmed by the Light of His Love. I pray that you rise above broken resolutions and embrace the solution which is a promise made to Him which is far too important to break.

It is like the assurance you offer a little child when you speak something and guarantee that you won’t let them down. Well He is the child of the All Mighty so promise Him instead of yourself and quite possibly this will be a promise that you will keep. Let your will be in His Will. When you keep it (the promise), it will be close to your heart and while revolving around Him it will know not the dark places of shattered pledges but will receive the wedges of light that chisel their way into your unfaithful nights.

So don’t cheat Him or cheat on Him because if you do you also cheat yourself and you cheat on you. Reevaluate your commitments and become relentless in your efforts to revolve around the Son. Evolve in the shinning light of the Omnipotent One. Keep your resolution and stay true to your oath so that you can break the cycle of past resolutions that you’ve broke or that have been broken by the greedy man within that would rather pay homage to the heavens instead of your heavenly friend.

It is time for a revolution of the broken resolution. Not only will you win the battle but you’ll be victorious in the war when you quit being a harlot and a whore to the things that call you to revolve around them. All you have to do to be successful is revolve around the Savior and not around men.

Sun worship and idolatry is still a sin as it always has been, but the solution for broken resolutions is simply to revolve around HIM. He is the only Son that deserves your utmost attention and because of that the Son of Salvation is your solution to broken resolutions.

May 2010 be the year that you revolve around Him! It is the year of command. It is the year of reprimand and the year for you to submit and rest peacefully in the Master’s Hand.

You can do it but not alone and that’s all that He wants you to acknowledge. You need Him to make a true resolution. Happy New Year and I look forward to speaking to you in the Spring when the true Hebrew New Year will ring and you will celebrate the Passover of your over-passing. My hope for you is not for weeping or gnashing of teeth but for dancing to replace your mourning and for the romancing of the One we should love most.

By Deneene A. Collins
All Rights Reserved
Copyright © 2009

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