I watched a nature film one day and I saw this mighty stag going down the river looking for a place to get out. It came out onto a gravel island in the middle of the river and sat and rested. The banks on either side of the river were steep but around the next corner was a beach on the side and an easy way back to open country. But the stag could not see this.
Then along came the bear. The bear saw dinner and climbed down the bank and set out for the island
As the bear came out onto the gravel they sized each other up. I thought the stag would go down the river but no he lowered his antlers and charged the bear with all he had. The bear went over onto his back and the stag pushed him back over the gravel for twenty feet or more. The bear hung on to his antlers and the stag lifted him up above his head and smashed him down into the gravel time after time the battle went on for a long time and at one stage it looked like the stag would win. Several time the stag could have escaped but he chose to fight on.
Then all of a sudden the bear got one paw on each of the stags front legs and he began to stretch him. The stag now started to stagger and he tried in vain to flee but it was too late
It was dinner time venison for dinner. Yes slowly he went down
So it is in our lives we need to seek the Lord is it time to stand is it time to flee
Sometimes we need to leave things with the Lord and let him deal with all he has his time when he brings victory
We sow and reap in life and strife is well worth avoiding and if we get out of the spirit things can come back badly on us
One day the lion and the lamb will lie down together all will be at peace when the King comes back soon
But we can have peace now with one another and live a life of peace and joy now living in the river with the Lord full of Gods love joy peace mercy forgiveness. Through a life submitted to him
So let us come to him and let him empower us to be like him
May the Lord bless you all
Mike service

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