In Mathew 18 v21 we read of the unmerciful servant who refused to forgive his fellow man What happened to him

Well he was handed over to the tormentors So what are the tormentors

Today we read of poor old Osama yea he’s been laid low now he sowed and he reaped How many people had to die to make him happy to avenge all the westerners etc who had abused done wrong must die to make him feel good about life

It’s the same cry all over the world today children are abused as children and grow up never forgiving all they think about is all the abuse done to them its like a tape going in there heads if mummy was abusive to them how many woman do I need to hurt to get even one ten twenty fifty if I was raped or violated how many men or woman do I have to rape or falsely accuse hurt etc to get even before I will feel good about myself

If white men hurt me or my family how many would I have to destroy to feel good about self The same if a black man Moslem whatever hurts me

The tormentors never leave us they remind us everyday of the hurt done to us we take drugs alcohol and abuse ourselves and others to try to ease the pain

Many are trapped in drug alcohol sexually abusing themselves in attempts to ease the pain they abuse others choose to hate others and abuse others

They have not because they have been given over to the tormentors

They sow to hurt others they lack because they refuse to forgive and then blame others for their lack

Forgiveness isn’t a feeling it’s a choice Choose to forgive and be a blessing and we are blessed the tormentors loose their hold on our lives

When those feeling come of hate again stop and declare forgiveness and feelings change

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