Once you become a child of God,prayer becomes a neccesity and not optional.Beloved,nothing can substitute the place of prayer because prayer is a necessity for survival and the maintenace of daily victory over the enemy.Believers are now lazy in prayer but am here to announce to you that,unless prayer becomes a lifestyle there is no hope for the believer.The Bible makes it clear that perilous times shall come and you and i can witness that we live in dangerous times now,and the only way you can navigate through the end time storms is through the supernatural power of prayer.Make prayer your hobby,make it your dwelling place,pray at all time.Prayer is the womb that birth's the purposes of God from eternity into time.The only way we can bankrupt the enemy of his assignment is by constitent and persistent prayer,so now,LET US ARISE AND PRAY.............Prophet B.B Frederick.

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Comment by MINISTER GLORIA DALE on July 21, 2009 at 2:11am
thank you. i am a beleiver of prayer, that is how mummy made it through prayer baby

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