It's 12:35am 1/15/09

As I process this New Year and the Great possibilities set before Me, I Praise God for all the Pressure, heart ache and adventure I have had in the last few years.

One thinks about the Storms of life. A storm can drowned you, or it can water the Vineyard of your life.

What will you allow?

For Me!

I found that grapes have to go through a fermenting process, (die to self) in order to become wine; and vintage wine is valued higher then wine bought right off a shelf in your local liquor store!


Because of what went into it! The Chosen Grapes, the soil those grapes are grown in. The Pruning process ( The cutting away People,places or things in our lives) that took place before planting season. " Receiving your call"

The Napa Valley Vineyards are Famous for the High end wines.

The Word of God said!

At the Marriage in Cana of Galilee. Jesus Proved this point.

John 2: 1-10 It was simply His touch that got the Bridegroom Praise from the Governor of the Feast.

I know as Children of God our desire is to have all the good soil to grow in, however, always remember this! in tilling the soil to plant! there will undoubtedly be stones along the way!

We can use those stones in a few ways!

1.) Build a StrongTower Like Proverbs says: Prov 18:10

2.) Make an alter unto the Lord for the Victories in our lives:

Jehovah-'Izoa Hakaboth - Lord Strong -Mighty - Ps 24:8

Jehovah-Gador Milchamah - Mighty in Battle - Ps 24:8

3.) Like David did against Goliath:

1Sa 17:40 And he took five smooth stones out of the brook and busted the giants head! LOL

In Planting a vineyard, know it isn't the harvest that makes you great!

It is the Process of the growing that makes you Potent.
This is just One man's Opinion.

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