Theologian;a person(not religous) who is learned in theology,the science which studies GOD,AND ALL THAT RELATES.
Christian;a person who believes in the doctrine of JESUS,and acknowledges HIS divinity.
Religous sites such as this one,sets in motion the life long question who is who?The challengers of the Word are able to express their views and questions,in a well-rounded,non agressive manner,and it's usally against those that think or have acted superior to other believers,so now the door is open.

Not speaking of the ones,who just say I'm for the Lord,and forsake all others,but the ones that run into that brick wall or the person that can go a bit deeper than they can,because it's their job to put the believer on trail.The theologian has studied and bring up controversal,reading and writings that some refuse to deal with or have just written off.Both sides have points depending on what side of the isle you're on,do you believe,why do you believe.I don't understand why the christian,even worries about the theologian,if the BOTTOM line is just to serve the Lord!(1 Peter2:6)

There is a place for questions,especially when ego takes over in christianity.So many have removed themselves from their calling,and are trying to fit into this thing we call church,[the big building,the famous leader,the tv,the radio etc.]
And when they are called on some of these things,thats when the followers choose sides.(not the followers of Christ,but the followers of man.) Then the theologian has a way into their discussion.One thing I know to be true,a newcomer to faith,don't give a dawn,if the converter is an apostle,revern,minister,prophet,bishop,man or woman,they are seeking the Lord.But they see that those who elevate themselves over others,as smarter or deeper,get torn down by a theologian,and say forget this.
We're losing to many newcomers,and to many that tried to evangelize on a level they were'nt scheduled for.So a suggestion to the wise,there different levels of christianity,as i wrote in HYPOTHESIS,WOULD WE DARE!,if you need to debate the O.T,women preaching,titles of men,denominations have at it,just remember there are people that would love to debate you,just don't make the rest of us who just want to serve God look bad,PLEASE! I know in the end,it's only one question,i'm worried about,it's the one HE'S going to ask me,WHO DO YOU SAY I AM!

HE won't be asking me if I figured out all HIS parables,HE will be asking me what have I done for the KINGDOM!

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Comment by Minister QGAgnew on July 27, 2009 at 11:07am
Thanks Rev,You are correct that there are some things we can learn from theologians.some don't realize that when the word was being laid down,people were'nt writing at that time,it was more graphics,and then after a while,transcripts were kept,so imagine how much could have been added or taken away.I truly believe doing that time the WORLD,was searching for salvation unlike today,when the one-up manship I said i don't care what people want me to believe,I've lived a life of law for years,then lawlessness,after being feed up with man.I realize My walk is Mine,and nobody elses,and all these controversial arguements about who should do this or that,be this or that is unimportant,it just verifies to me God is speaking TODAY to people,you just have to have an ear for receiving,and the ability to stay on course regardless.GOD BLESS

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