Giving GOD the honor and Glory for HE is GREAT, TODAY, TOMORROW & FOREVER MORE.
How many of you know there is a blessing in every trial, every set-back and every tribulation. How many times have we have gone to our Father in Heaven because we felt that we are not winning, our children are disobedient, our partners are not walking in-line with God? How many times can you remember when you were going through a financial dilemma and you felt your back was against the you remember calling on our Father...and did he come through in the nick of time; AMEN. How many of you out-there know, that there are blessings in our trials.

Do you remember wanting to have that job and everything that can come against you ....came...but when you sincerely called on the Father...and had the Faith of a mustard seed...Did GOD make a way out of no-way? You see, we have not because we are looking at the situation instead of depending on GOD, there was no doubt when the woman touched HIS garment and was going to be made whole, there was no doubt when the blind man made his way through all those people...could you image a land full of desperate people wanting the same thing...healing, restoration and victory...but by the blind man pressing and pushing through with his Faith made sure he made his way through the crowd...did he received the blessing to see, do you remember the widow woman who only had just enough for her son and herself and she was asked by Elijah to make him a morsel of cake, after demanding a cup of water...the widow woman obeyed and she was given more than enough to eat...but she fell into despair when her son died...but as the Bible reads...her son's life was restore...Now this is works of GOD...HE NEVER LIES, NOR DO HE FAILS US...IT IS US WHO FAILS HIM. We must hold onto our Faith, Trust GOD and believe that HE WILL SAY WHAT HE WILL DO IF WE ARE OBEDIENT. FOR GOD says "Touch not my anointed and mean my Prophet no harm" and HE will deliver all of us out of the trials we face because HE LOVES US...HE IS A JUST GOD, HE IS MERCIFUL AND HE WANTS US TO BE BLESS.So the next time your going through a trial...count it all joy for the BLESSING or BLESSINGS ARE YET TO COME.

Stay Focus & Bless,
Evangelist Lo

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Comment by Evangelist Lo on June 27, 2009 at 1:54pm
Thank you for your blessed words of confirmation and your committed salvation to be Free and seek His HEAVENLY KINGDOM~~

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God Bless You,
Evangelist Loretta
Comment by frank walter ebietomere on June 18, 2009 at 11:08am
Dear woman of GOD,your message on there is a blessing in trial is so inspiring. you see, a lot of people don't know and don't understand this,as such they keep on looking at the ordinary,and they miss the supernatrual,you see GOD's blessing are super tremendous that went it happen it will look like suprise to you.Their people who undergo trial and felt it's the end of the world,the reason for such thought is because they have not learn much of GOD'S word,their are example of people in bible day that went through trial and came out with great victory,such as JOSEPH,ABRAHAM, DANIEL, ISAAC,HANNAH,SARAH,THE THREE HEBREWS BOYS, THE BIBLE SAYS,for to him that is joined to all the living there is hope,ecc:9:4,then read this, colossians 1:27,GOD bless you woman of God,for the wonderful message you have pass a cross the globe.i am glad you are my friend in christ,stay bless.
Comment by COVENANT SISTERS NETWORK INTL. on May 22, 2009 at 6:23pm
Great woman of God Great!!!!!

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